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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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I decided it would be fun to ask on Twitter again....


And they responded.  The response being:


"we do not have a confirmed date yet but we can advise it is due at the end of the month"



So... i take everything with a pinch of salt of this twitter account is the same one promising it in a couple of weeks when asked in August.  Remember "is due" is not the same as "is coming" as I'm sure its been "due" for at least a year now.


However what this does tell us is that it is still coming, and maybe even in the next week or so.  There are only 10 days remaining of this month after all.

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Completely agree. It’s so cumbersome to skip back 10 seconds for when I
have misheard something for example so I’ve gone back to using the old app,
whilst it’s worse in a few ways at least it fully supports the Apple TV
remote which makes skipping forwards and backwards a breeze. And I can
pause and scroll forward whilst seeing Picture in Picture
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I understand the UI changes as they want to make all the platforms appear similar but there is certainly something to be said about needing to tailor each app for each platform as well. 


But one of the big surprises for me is that NowTV didn't even get a App ready for the PS5 in time for launch that should of definitely happened.

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I use the app on the BT/Youview box...this supports Boost but I much prefer the UI of the current Apple TV app.   On the BT box you can only see four icons at any one time when scrolling through a category (such as newly added movies), on the Apple TV I get a whole nice screen of choices...





Well, prepare yourselves as sadly the FF/RW mechanics of the new app are terrible.


Its been fed back numerous times by beta testers but I suspect it will NOT be addressed.


Of course, the app "needs" to look and feel the same as far as possible across various platforms - and those platforms where the remote has a dedicated FF and RW button are probably catered for.


Sadly, the AppleTV has a rather unique way of handling it not having a remote with a FF/RW button, and although personally I rather like it and being able to click then swipe/scrub back and forth is very handy - not all apps support it (the majority do though).  So NowTV don't, and wont - but in doing so it leaves things quite weird.


However, I have to say.. lets just finally get this app released and then we can worry about getting it polished.



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You never know these things might be added on the official release, they probably won’t be but we can all wait with hope.
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The thing that I find highly frustrating is that the old NowTV app does
actually have native support for the Apple TV remote So it can’t be
difficult to implement.

User: “When’s the new app for Apple tv due to be coming out?”


NOW TV: “End of the month”


User: “Which month?”


NOW TV: “Every month”


(with apologies to Edgar Wright for mis-appropriating a gag from “Hot Fuzz”)

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My Latest update from @NowTVhelp:


”We do not have an exact date, but we do know it is coming at the end of the month”


My reply:


“So you are saying that it will definitely be released by the end of November 2020? I.e. Within the next 9-10 days?”

@Nowtvhelp reply to tmy question:

(the sound of crickets & tumbleweed) 


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I also tried a different tact with this question:


”Also, which “page” exactly should I be keeping an eye on for more news about the imminent release of the updated apple tv app?
Please could you tweet me a direct link to the specific page in question, thanks.”


& got this reply from @nowtvhelp:


”You can find this information at the end of the month on the NOW TV twitter help page or the NOW TV twitter main page.”