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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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Not heard anything yet.

They should have looked at UKTV play and the recent Discovery+ (was DPlay), both use the native interface. They could take a leaf out of their book. Netflix does a custom interface well, amazon is meh, and NowTV appalling!

Interesting that the ABCD survey deadline was 2 weeks ago and still no public release.


I hope everyone was realistically objective in their critique - given that the app works etc.


Overtly critical replies from the beta testers at this stage will only cause a further delay in the public release.


Lets just get the thing released and then it can be polished over time.

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I dont think it will be to much longer, be nice if it’s released with the things that were promised
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I think if this is released it will be left to fester, not be updated. The user of the Irish app stated it’s rarely updated and buggy. We know what to expect.

Luckily I’m not fussed by Sky’s content, not helped by the poor app (even the beta) for content discovery. I rarely run out of stuff on Netflix to watch and I’ve had since launched in the U.K. Whereas it’s hard to find anything to watch on nowTV, and if you have a break of a week or so it disappears from your watching list and forgets which episodes watched, how helpful!

I only have the kids pass, the interface is great for them. Although that is buggy too, say no more!

Yes, the app. isn’t that great. On my LG TV, the app. will simply not add 9-1-1 Lone Star to my watchlist after it disappeared on Monday. It tells me that it’s been added, but it’s MIA. But it is there on my NowTV box! I can add other shows, but not 9-1-1 Lone Star. If that’s an indication of the overall quality of the app. on Apple boxes, then there’s no hope!

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Yes, set your hopes low and prepare to still be disappointed.

That’s the NowTV way!
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There are people posting that they cannot use this app unless it supports
the boost feature. I don’t understand why people are so happy to pay NOW TV
an additional £36 a year to have 1080p picture And 5.1 sound when it is a
standard feature another streaming apps that cost less.

I’d much rather the Now TV app have full native support for the Apple TV
remote control. I’ve actually come back to using the old app, Yes it’s
terrible but at least it fully supports the Apple TV remote.

@Anonymous User 

Why "can't you understand" it?


As a paying customer of the boost pass.... for my own quite simple reasons I am "content" (but not happy) to pay the £3 premium for boost.  The difference between 720p picture quality and 1080p is significantly noticeable, and of course sound from 2.0 to 5.1 is also significantly noticeable.


Therefore... as a paying Boost subscriber  OF COURSE  I cannot use the app without boost support as I am not paying £3 a month only to be unable to view 1080p and 5.1 content and therefore I will have to stick with other apps on other devices as I do now.  I WANT my appleTV to be my one stop shop for all streaming and once NowTV is released WITH boost, then I can have it.


Whatever you use.. or would rather use is entirely up to you.  But those of us that cannot use the new app without boost are quite correct in that.


Of course... we could discuss all day long about how NowTV are behind the times when other streaming services routinely offer not only 1080p and 5.1 but also 4K.... but we would be wasting our virtual breath on that one.  And its not all services that offer it as standard - Netflix's lowest tier is not HD and for that you pay more.  One day (sooner rather than later maybe) as a point of competitive realism... NowTV will probably be forced to ditch Boost as a paid add-on and include it as standard.. but that time is yet to come.




@Anonymous User 


Hi Chaos


You asked, "I don’t understand why people are so happy to pay NOW TV ... and another streaming apps that cost less."  Well, it's different strokes coz' you can't look into another man's head. You just got to keep on doing you and leave the next man, or woman, to get on with it and do themselves.


I've been drinking too much, time to get a cup of coffee.



UK Bob

Scholar 3

I'm pretty much past the point of caring. Particularly since the BT / NowTV tie up. It's been flawless with BT supplying the channels directly through multi-cast. I'll say this though - the picture quality at 1080P / 50FPS through the Apple BETA is very impressive, will be such a shame if this all comes to nothing (again).