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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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@Anonymous User 

I believe with the all threads on this platform that have been discussed over the years, the updated Now tv app should already be on Apple tv, and I hope we get word back from the trials manager detailing the next step  in the near future?


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Yep hopefully it will happen, it has gone a little quiet recently but perhaps there all starting to go back to the offices etc now it’s starting to ease and that’s the reason for the silence, or we can hope.
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I wouldn’t hold my breath.

My last email to trials manager got a reply after 2 weeks and promised a new build in a few days, that was 2 weeks ago...

It’s a real shame.

I do believe that things are moving, and I do believe that this app will get updated this time...


However response, engagement, and updates are glacially slow.


Not sure that covid is a huge contributor to the delay however it must for certain have had some effect on the development staff.  You'd have thought that software development is certainly something that could have been done remotely or from working from home though 


I find the lack of response lately to be frustrating but hope that things move along soon.


Yes I did keep in direct email contact with the trials manager throughout the previous trial and also submitted bug reports. To be honest I’m not sure if she/he/they were just not allowed to reveal anything or simply were not privy to details (perhaps being merely a go-between rather than an embedded member of the team/project - this was definitely the case on various Sky trials thar I took part in several years ago).


Don’t know, no reason was ever given. Something that happened towards the end of it made me think that the app had been ported from the Sky Deutschland app that was live at that time. When this trial started, I was slightly surprised to see how different it is to the previous trial app!

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Being a long time Apple TV user and having used NOW TV on various devices on and off over the years, I thought I would get myself a rolling monthly subscription, to cover the remainder of the English football season, which also coincides nicely with some F1 races.


Having fired up the App, it occurred to me that the TVOS version of NOWTV looks and feels quite outdated.


A quick google search brought me here....


4 Years, 1000+ posts


Just wow!


Nothing takes that long, surely

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Yeah it has been a long wait I'm really pleased to see we are approaching the end of the tunnel though just a bit longer. 


I think Late 2019/Early 2020 has seen big improvements to the NowTV platform as a whole though. More Channels being added, Initial Rollout of Red Button, 1080p and 50FPs.


Hopefully once the app is released it continues to get updated like the iOS/IPadOS App.



@Anonymous User 


Well, the quick answer is you aren't actually looking at the TVOS app at all.  This app is a lazy port from the old models of the precious gen AppleTV (pre app store, TVOS, siri remote)


So its wildly outdated.  never even been developed for the platform.


Hence the interest and the exasperation of the long, long wait we have had to get a new actual TVOS app.  its coming.... sometime.




I guess im just surprised that nobody had the courtesy to tell you that the trial was over and the version you had been testing was not actually going to be released to you.