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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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The Roku Plus has all those apps. A little cheaper as well. 

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The app has already been developed, approved and released in Ireland. I imaging the core base is 99% identical to the UK version so the app is basically done.


The apple tv non update and lack of boost stops me using NowTV. Their is no excuses the app hasn't been updated and released with boost support in the UK yet.

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All I want for the 3rd gen app is to add a watch list. Seems like a bizarre omission compared to the Prime and Netflix apps on the platform - unless I’m missing something?


You aren't.


A watchlist is a vital function for me, and the fact that NowTV had one was the ONLY way I was able to use the service.


Basically, I ditched SkyQ and needed some kind of pseudo recording-queue.


The watch list, when functioning correctly, is adequate.  Although it does not highlight in the 'continue watching' section shows that have a new series starting... it does highlight the next episode when youve started watching a series.


This will do.  just.


However, the AppleTV is years behind such technological advancements.


This has been allowed to happen, and its not really acceptable as a "fully supported device".


I contacted NOW TV to ask them about the app (thinking / hoping that the more people that are asking, the more urgency there may be....) and I got this response today:


"We understand your concern about the NOW TV App update but we do not have a specific time frame and we are also aware that the NOW TV App requires an update and the technical team are currently working on this. As mentioned before you will either be notified or you will have to keep an eye on the NOW TV Community page."


I know its years late which is ridiculous, but at least they've acknowledged that the app needs an update and that they are working on it. I responded asking why we can't just use the app that is available in Ireland, I'll let you know if I get a decent response. 


Thats the key... and thats the question that we are really asking.


We aren't ignorant or stupid... this is 2020, and theres a thing called the internet... we can easily find out that the universal app has been released in Ireland and Italy.... and not the UK


We are simply asking, as subscription paying customers, why this is and why we cant have the same app released in the UK.  Its not as if it doesnt exist...  but whats the reason that it CANT be released in the UK yet.


If someone would just answer that question... although I sure its not going to be an answer that satisfies us.... its the least they can do at this point.


For example "our appleTV app requires specific amendments for the UK customers... this is still in development and we are hoping to have a UK version of the app ready by xxxx"


Hi. Where you found support for AppleTv in Italy ???? 


Apparently, the new universal app is available on the Italian, and Irish app stores.


Just not the UK one.

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Do google search you can find the Irish one easily, it has screenshots too. Same version as U.K. iOS non universal app, I created an Irish account and installed, it fully worked but would not accept my U.K. login details. 

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When I google it nothing ever comes up, am I searching for it wrong what are you typing into google