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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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I refuse to go down a two device route, pretty much all apps are on the Apple TV now, it took a while, but they are now. I’d rather occasionally binge watch and save my money if they can’t be bother to update the tvOS app. I do have a NowTV stick, some of the apps on there leave a bit to be desired, not unlike the NowTV app on tvOS. 

Don’t forget the Apple TV app is already updated, they made it a universal iOS/tvOS app, just that for some reason this tvOS version has not been released in the UK. 

It would seem unlikely they wouldn’t release the universal app in the U.K. at some point, what is strange is why they haven’t yet. Maybe a bug, so they have rolled out to smaller countries first and paused, but a comment from NowTV would be nice, someone knows why it’s available now in Ireland, but not the U.K.  


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Fully agree with you and then they send someone to say it’s not on the radar when it clearly is. Nowtv clearly don’t understand the art of communication. 

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But, @Anonymous User the point is that the app *has* been updated!... a little while ago...

but its only been released on the irish and italian app stores, not the UK.


So, its there... and we can only hope that its just a matter of patience.


None of us can begin to fathom the reason why they have chosen to not release it in the UK... especially as going forward it would be a universal app and then should be kept up to date with the iOS app too.  surely that makes sense to them


and as @MrZippy has said... I too relented and purchased a NowTV box about 2 months ago - it was only £20 and is a horrible user interface experience but at least im getting 1080p, 5.1 and the watchlist functionality.


I hate the interface, and its a pain in the bum having to switch between boxes for content... and I eagerly await thew day the app is updated on the AppleTV to enable me to use one box for all my content.


Been watching this thread for a few months now and decided to jump in. Like many I'm impatiently waiting for the updated Now TV app for Apple TV. I use Apple TV for Netflix, Prime, BT Sport, Photos, Podcasts, iPlayer, All4, iTunes movie purchases....oh, and Now TV. I got the 12 month movies and entertainment pass for £99 just before Christmas, paid for with £33 of Clubcard vouchers, and 6 months of Sports for £20/m, so Now TV was a no brainer financially even if the updated UK Apple TV app was on the back burner even then.


I decided to give Boost a test to see if it was worth it, and picked up a 2nd hand Now TV 4K box for £10 and did the week's free trial. The difference in picture and particularly 5.1 sound quality compared to the SD/Stereo Apple TV app experience is marked. So Boost is worth it. But it was just pointless having an extra box that is too limited to replace what Apple TV offers. So I sold it for £10 😁 and got a stick on offer from Now TV for £8 inc 1 month of boost. To my eyes the stick's Boost TV picture isn't as crisp as the box offered but the sound is equal. But the bigger issue is the UX...the stick is SO slow to switch on, constantly glitchy, slow to load, loses TV guides and runs VERY hot. It's a P.o.C. But, it hides round the back of the TV so the only pain is the extra remote. 


I'll stick (!!) with it for now, but cannot wait to throw it in the bin once the new Apple TV app is available. I've reached out to NowTVHelp on Twitter and got the stock "No plans yet" response, which I politely challenged, asking if they could explain why there is a delay here when it is available in other territories. Silence. If I hear anything I'll post back, but urge everyone to keep making polite noise on Twitter to keep this front of mind 

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Totally agree.


Im in the same situation.


As I said.. the Box is fine, the picture quality is good and Boost is worth having.


The user experience is horrible... the interface slow and laggy, the remote is horrible - a bit unforgivable from a brand new box....


I want to use my AppleTV!!


I think another nudge on Twitter is in order.... as others have said.. its all about communication - how hard is it for someone to answer the question "why is the app not available in the UK".  Somebody knows at NowTV...


It wouldn't kill them to ask the question and come back with something like "we are doing a phased release in our smaller territories first and are ironing out some bugs before it is finally released in the UK"


That is better than silence or "soon"

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I should say my opinion is just guessing and I have no idea how it works. But I think there must be a geo-restriction reason why we haven't got it. Just like the reason we don't have Sports Extra pass. It's restricted. I cannot believe a company the size of NowTV wouldn't update the app unless there's a reason. I mean why roll out an update to ROI and Italy and say you know what let's hold off with the UK. Especially since the UK iPhone App store NowTV is updated regularly. I share your frustrations I use Apple TV for EVERYTHING, but the NowTV app was just so bad it made it nearly impossible to use. I'd be happy if we get an update right now. I think there has to be a reason why they haven't, and its unfortunate no one in the know can fill us in.

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You see this is the problem people buy nowtv sticks the smart box but the hardware inside is not on a par with an apple 4k box. Yes u may pay £150 for the box but ur getting a premium slick interface fast start up times and great picture and sound quality and very nearly all the apps to use. I do appreciate the average person will go for the stick or the smart box it's a no brainer for £25. But you pay for what you get. 

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I love the AppleTV 4K Box its best piece of kit I have ever bought. I'm not giving that up I use it for everything else but NowTV until NowTV updates their app.


I’ve now cancelled all my NowTV passes until this abomination of an App is updated in the UK.


I’ll keep an eye on this thread for any updates, otherwise I’m just gonna get on with life without NowTV

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@DC22 I can appreciate why you'd do this.


Ive been feeling "oh its any day now" since December.... and that is purely based on knowing that the app exists in Ireland and Italy so surely it was an imminent release.


However, perhaps you can tweet, facebook, or email NowTV with that very point.  They have lost a customer until they can sort this.  Maybe that will galvanise them into action... or at the very least coming back to us with more than "soon".




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I've cancelled all my subs since Early December I will probably resub for the Start of the Formula 1 season because i'm such a big fan but before that I had Entertainment Movies and Sports from NowTV so they are losing a fair amount a month from me. BT Sport works perfectly on my AppleTV brilliant experience and even stuff like Britbox has a AppleTV app these days.

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I sent a dm to nowtv help on twitter and that was over 36 hours ago and no response. They just dont care shocking service it has to be said. I asked them what the current situation is because the app is being used in ireland and Italy. I also said can someone make a comment on nowtv community but no response. I urge everyone send them a dm to @nowtvhelp not nowtv. Also by all means send a message on Facebook if u have that. 


I’ve been keeping an eye on this thread since the betas been out and sickened that we are still having to have discussions on this! I sent a tweet 2 weeks ago that got the reply ‘We are currently looking into this and hope to have it resolved soon’


yesterday I sent this follow up ‘Have you heard anything further why the delay in releasing to the UK? My understanding is this has been developed as a universal app meaning the Apple TV tvOS version is the same as the current iPhone and iPad iOS versions you have released and update continually. So development is not needed, only a release to bring the app into line with other Country regions such as Ireland and Italy. Thanks!’


today I received the following reply ‘Thanks for taking the time to write to us! We wish we could provide you with more info right now, we can only advise to keep an eye on our community post for future updates.’

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whats frustrating is that there is nothing consistent coming from them.


We go from "soon" to "not on the radar" to "nothing to tell you"


And yet we all know the app is available elsewhere.


All we are asking is a reason why the app is not in the UK yet.  Im sure we can accept excuses like "it needs more development" or "bugs have been highlighted from the Irish users" etc... and so it needs a little while (days.. weeks) until full rollout.


Silence, or nothing.. is not acceptable nor is it necessary.


@nst @Anonymous User  @HORSBOX  @Techuser_73  and the rest




I'm guessing that Now TV's non-committal answers are because the problem is probably contractual and not technical. And, as you guys know, they can't talk about commercial-in-confidence stuff.



UK Bob


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I sent them a DM a week ago on twitter and never got a response. The sheer size of this thread should mean this is important to them. 

Anyway I will add that they update the iOS app roughly once a month, last was 3 weeks ago, so there is a possibility if our complaints have made any impact or reached the relevant party that the next update could make it universal in the U.K.  


We can only hope. 

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That would be good zippy. Amazing isn’t it BT announced this week that you can now get nowtv on your BT Box so if they can do something like that which has obviously been months in the making they can’t update an app for us. 





Every single time we use NowTV on our AppleTV it annoys us. Knowing that we could be watching in HD but we can't, having to think and search around to know which episode we have watched up to, using their utterly bizarre search which brings back non-related film titles every time we search for the full name of a TV show right at the bottom of the list. Also when you finish an episode, there is no 'play next', just a blank screen... pressing Back takes you two steps back so you have to then find the particular series again on the menu.


Although Apple are notoriously protective and difficult in getting apps into so could be technically-related, I think as others have mentioned that the lack of an update is something to do with licensing/revenue where they don't see it's feasible or it will impact their business negatively elsewhere somehow.


Yes I know, I am still using it, but I am let alone not recommending this service to anyone I know, I am actively persuading them not to subscribe to it! This is not good business sense purely from a PR perspective.


This is all getting me thinking about torrenting again - I haven't done this for years, this used to be mostly a financial choice. I'm happy to subscribe to services now because I can afford to support their creation, but this fundamentally has to be a service that is more convenient and better quality than torrenting. At the moment using AppleTV + NowTV it's the opposite of that.

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Someone said earlier on that NowTV should take notice due to the size of the thread... 

Well its obvious that a lot of us are very keen for this to happen.. and the AppleTV is a not insignificant platform...  

However its also obvious they dont seem to care... and its also a *possibility* that the platform has a very small user base... but thats BECAUSE THE APP IS UNUSABLE SO WE DONT USE IT!!


@waldopepper Im with you here... and a lot of us have relented and spent £15-£20 on a NowTV box or stick seeing as its so cheap but strictly as a stop gap.  Its horrible... slow... clunky... horrible remote but as us AppleTV owners know... you get what you pay for in life.  And a £20 box is... well, obviously a £20 box.


Someone else mentioned something to do with licensing or whatnot.... thats nonsense in my opinion.. its NowTVs app... with NowTVs content.. and they have an app already on the AppleTV, its just a case of updating it... that is all - no more, no less.... and of course the new App already exists and is being used in other territories...


So, we wait.  more.

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As one of the originators of this complaint some years ago, I have been watching this thread over the past few months. it is a shame NOW TV seem to be ignoring the UK customer base still.  I hope they eventually see fit to address this. 

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Page 1 of this thread is fascinating reading and very depressing too.


I didnt realise this went back to 2016.  So obviously the original app was only a few months old at this point but was still thought to be sub-standard even back then.


There was a reply in the thread from a staff member - although not someone high up at least someone who took an interest in what was being said and suggested feeding it back... where are these people now???  A calming message from someone on staff in here would be very welcome.


Also.. whats depressing is that this was discussed in 2016..... 2 0 1 6 !!!!  The app has been seen to be rubbish for so many years and its been left to fester for that amount of time....  I mean its not like people are only starting recently to compare it with the functionality of the app on other platforms and wondering why AppleTV doest have that.... its been moaned at constantly for 4 years!!  Whats going on in NowTV that this has been basically ignored for so long and the user experience of the AppleTV paying  customers means so little to them?