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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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That’s not going to work you would have to make a separate Apple account. Why produce an updated app for Italy and Ireland it’s just basically a joke.

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This should come as no surprise to anyone. Do the only thing you can do and vote with your wallet - cancel your subscription. I have. 


There's enough on Netflix, Amazon and ATV+ to keep me entertained for a lifetime. 

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I forgot to add a URL to my post above showing the universal iOS/tvOS app on the Ireland App store.


I am repeating myself but I am still shocked that this appears to be the SAME app as the UK one, same version number.  

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@ukbobboy wrote:

@Anonymous User 


Hey Rob


Glad your back, like your answer to this thread but mines pithier.


Only kiffing, still how are you doing, hope you're OK and that's all's right with the world (apart from storm Ciara - which I think is pronounced "see-air-ra", not the multiple ways the BBC are pronouncing it).


Thinking about having a beer.


Catch you later.



UK Bob

Hey Bob. 


I've joined "big Sky" since the years end as I got a great offer but I'm keeping tabs on things here too. Can't forget my old chums who've been so helpful and kind to me 😍


Storm Ciara has given me an excuse to stay in and watch some telly 🤣

Good attempt at the pronunciation, but it's actually pronounced Kee-ra 😉 My daughter-in-law is called Ciara, so she should probably know 😁


Enjoy the beer, I think I'll join you in one. Talk soon.


@Anonymous User  @nst 


Coming from the guy that knows Jack about Apple..., etc.




You said, "Are u talking about the nowtv app here or the roku app?"


Well TU, the Now TV app, O/S and all related hardware are developed, manufactured and maintained by Roku, in fact all Now TV hardware are clones of established Roku products made in approved Roku factories.


Therefore, Now TV products, apart from having contractually imposed hardware and software limitations, are in effect Roku products.




You said, "Apple supply the hardware and the OS, and its up to developers to make apps..."


In fact, it's up to Apple developers to develop and maintain their app, not the  Now TV/Roku team, for example the BBC iPlayer app is developed and maintained by the BBC, likewise the UKTV Player app is developed and maintained by UKTV.


There is no doubt that cooperation and close planning must occur between Now TV, the platform holder, and Apple, the app developer, before an app can be deployed.  


However, make no mistake, any apps further development, maintenance and user experience is the ultimate responsibility of the manufacturer/developer, not the platform holder.


The fact that Nadine said that you Apple guys should not hold your collective breaths indicate, to my simple mind, that there is some sort of disconnect going on.



UK Bob









I appreciate you are trying to help the discussion but to say

"In fact, it's up to Apple developers to develop and maintain their app, not the  Now TV/Roku team" is of course completely incorrect... your following statement being:

"the BBC iPlayerapp is developed and maintained by the BBC, likewise the UKTV Player app is developed and maintained by UKTV" is of course correct.. but totally contradicts your first sentence.


By saying "app" perhaps you meant to say OS... in which case of course thats true but nobody here has made such a statement - we all appreciate the differences between hardware and software and the responsibilities therein.


NowTV/Roku Team are responsible for their app.  Not Apple.  They submit any updates and then its made available to the masses (though apparently on a country by country basis).


This thread is all about NowTV's inaction, and non communication with regards to the LATEST version of the NowTV app - a version thats available in Ireland and Italy so Im sure you can appreciate the confusion with the UK user base as to why this isn't a simple case of releasing it here too - if you can come up with an explanation for that you are a better man than I.


If you dont have an AppleTV box.. then lucky/unlucky you.  Lucky that you have a better app than we do.. unlucky as you are missing out on one of the best user experiences for a set top box.


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There may we be some sort of disconnect here between Apple and roku Who knows. I’m well aware sky have a share in roku, and that nowtv comes under the roku name.The question should be why has the uk nowtv app not been updated and it has been updated elsewhere. My guess is that it’s down to nowtv but quite frankly the decision has been made by whoever. I have contacted the MD of nowtv for comment on this matter. 


@nst  @Anonymous User 


Hi again guys




You know, I do like learning new things from users of this forum and, as I've said before, I know next to nothing about Apple.


That said, from my understanding of how the Roku platform works, the OS and certain related apps are developed by Roku itself.  Other main apps/channels (mini software applications) that use Roku's platform, i.e. OS and hardware, are developed by that app's own in-house R&D team or an outside contracted development team, which means the company that paid for the app's creation is responsible for it's further development and upkeep, not the platform provider.


To prove my point, I've just checked the Roku channel store and confirmed that the Apple app was developed by Apple itself, not Roku, here's the URL:


and a screen print Apple's channel/app:


Apple (Portion of) Screen Print.jpg



Therefore, as you can now see, updates are provided by Apple but rolled out by Roku and or Now TV, but if there are no updates provided, as Nadine seem to indicate, then nothing can be done.


Hope that this brings a satisfying conclusion to our debate.


Just to make sure: We are all debating about the same thing?


I'm talking about the Apple app, as shown above, but I sometime get the impression that you guys are talking about the Now TV app:

Now TV app.jpg


Either way, if you think I'm wrong then let me know, coz' I'm interested.




I applaud the action you've taken, if the MD, or his direct staff, cannot give you a satisfactory answer then, I believe, it will be time to abandon the Apple channel as implemented on the Roku platform.


Cunning Plan Emoji.jpg


(Which could be Apple's cunning plan to get customers to buy their streaming boxes)



UK Bob




I see the problem - you are confusing the AppleTV app (on 3rd party devices) with the AppleTV set top box.


Just to be more confusing the AppleTV set top box has its own TV app.  Apple recently developed an AppleTV app for 3rd party devices which is what you are walking about.


This thread is really discussing the lack of an updated NowTV app specifically on the AppleTV set top box.

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FWIW from having dipped in and out of this thread the last couple of days, I think there may be a case of crossed wires between yourself and @nst  and @Anonymous User . When they have been talking about how the new version of the NOW TV app for Apple TV is available in Ireland/Italy, they're referring to the Apple TV platform (which is a dedicated piece of streaming hardware), and not the Apple TV app which recently launched on a number of devices including Roku. Apple's TV app is instead designed to allow non-Apple customers access to their TV+ streaming service, as well as the iTunes Video Store.


When a company (in this case Sky) decides they want to target Apple TV as a device that they wan to have an app for, it is the company's responsibility to develop the app themselves (either in-house or using a third party. It is then submitted to Apple's App Store for review/approval. To be clear, Apple have no involvement in the development of the NOW TV app for Roku, so the scenario you laid out in your previous message that Apple is somehow withholding support for the NOW TV app on Roku to boost Apple TV/Apple TV 4K devices sales is factually incorrect, and not possible.


Hopefully, that has clarified things, and everyone can get back on topic and discussing our frustration that Sky are withholding the updated version of the NOW TV app for Apple TV devices.