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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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@Anonymous User 


Hey Rob


Glad your back, like your answer to this thread but mines pithier.


Only kiffing, still how are you doing, hope you're OK and that's all's right with the world (apart from storm Ciara - which I think is pronounced "see-air-ra", not the multiple ways the BBC are pronouncing it).


Thinking about having a beer.


Catch you later.



UK Bob

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All I can take from nadines reply is that Apple at no time in the future are going to update the app in the store, this despite Ireland and Italy getting updated apps so the question why not uk. Is it down to technical problems or cost and if the appletv isn’t getting the update I’m assuming other devices won’t be. So I think anyone who’s got an Apple TV might as well delete the nowtv app because it ain’t gonna get better.

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Blimey, that seems a bonkers decision. Guess it means I can run out my subscription and abandon the service though. At least it’s nice to know. 




am i being stupid here... but I dont believe a word of that.


Fobbing off in the worst possible way.. i.e. from a position of complete ignorance.


There is an Apple TV updated app available and there is NO reason the UK cant have it.  none whatsoever.  


AppleTV not being on the radar is utter rubbish and at odds with the response I got on Twitter last week.... "soon".


If Nadine is right... then I would insist that NowTV publicly remove that as a supported platform and stop advertising it as available on the website... because the user experience on AppleTV is not acceptable and trading standards would be interested to hear of that.


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I couldn’t agree more and if the nowtv Apple isn’t going to be updated or not on the radar to be update it should be removed from the store. As u say u was told Something different when you asked the question to nowtv on Twitter so some clarity is needed here. Maybe nadine could clarify the position. Here is the response I got from nowtv twitter.


Hello we have no word on this update yet sorry!.


@Anonymous User  & The Apple Guys


Rob, sorry about misspelling "kidding", I completely missed the "d" and pressed "f" instead, I now hold my head in shame.


Embarrassed Emoji.jpg


Apple Guys


Has anyone written to Apple asking why they have not updated their UK Roku app yet, especially as their Italian and Irish apps are up to date and porting them over is not technically difficult.


I don't know Jack about Apple and it's strategic plans, apart from making mountains of money, but I'm guessing that they are pouring all their efforts into boosting their streaming TV channel and probably ignoring everything else.



UK Bob






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Are u talking about the nowtv app here or the roku app, doesn’t roku come with its own interface on devices. I’m talking the nowtv app here. 



This is nothing to do with Apple, or their "strategic plans" or "mountains of money"


Apple supply the hardware and the OS, and its up to developers to make apps, and submit apps to the app store.


So 0% Apple.... 100% NowTV development team.


Such a shame as, in my opinion, the AppleTV box user experience and interface and functionality with the TV app are unparalleled.  Yes slightly more expensive than the other boxes out there but worth every extra penny.


I HATE having to use the Roku based NowTV box but I put up with it as it was £25 and i expect it to be only short term.  The interface is slow and clunky and frankly terrible to use and navigate.  I cannot believe that this is a 'current' gen hardware platform - having just bought it I feel like its a few years old out the box.


I am not being entitled, or childish, or impatient here.... I am simply expecting the NowTV experience to be the same or broadly similar on all the platforms they advertise.  They do not explicitly state that certain platforms are vastly inferior to others.... and certain platforms have huge chunks of missing functionality.


After all.. the AppleTV TVOS app is bang up to date and fully functional... but only in Ireland and Italy - same app...same OS... same everything so why isnt it released in the UK - and why do NowTV's staff seem woefully unequipped to answer the queries we are asking.

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I just looked up NowTV on the Ireland App Store....


Shock horror it's a universal iOS/tvOS app!


And it's the SAME version as the UK iOS only one!




Hmmm, see my PDF of it on the App Store.


Now if I download will it work with my UK account is the question, also can I download as it's not that easy being accounts are region locked.


[updated with PDF instead of screenshot]

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I agree entirely with what you say I myself have had an Apple 4k box since July 2018 it’s fast slick every app is great and picture upscaling is really good. As you say the nowtv app has been released in Ireland and Italy and nowtv only operate in 3 countries. I don’t know why they have chosen not to update the app here in the UK.  Judging from what Nadine posted before on behalf of nowtv it’s not on the radar so that’s that.