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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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It would just be nice to be told what’s going on

Yeh, this is I dunno.. my yearly check-in to see if the Apple TV / Now TV app will ever be updated to start catching up with where everyone else was a few years ago?


I remember someone from NowTV saying last year that they hoped to have 1080p resolution by the end of 2018, here we are at the end of 2019 with no news. Or have I missed anything?


Also unless I totally binge entire shows at once, not having the ability to know which episodes we have already watched is incredibly annoying (lack of MyTV list), we always waste a few minutes starting up episodes to see if we have already watched them (if it's been a while since we last watched). Consumers shouldn't really have to consider if it would be less effort to just torrent Sky TV shows, not pay for this service and enjoy higher resolution.

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Am now in the *really* great position where I have to choose between low quality streaming on the Samsung app, or having to hunt down every new episode on the Apple TV app. 


It shouldn't be this hard to use a service I pay for...

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See this announcement =>


NowTV Boost Pass has now been launched.

1080p & 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound on almost all NowTV channels.


Sky Sports Main Event and Premier League also benefit from 50fps.


You also get to watch on 3 devices at the same time compared to the normal of 2.


My concern is that no where on the supported devices section of this boost pass announcement does it mention Apple TV 4K being either supported or unsupported. It's simply just ignored.


Thanks. You have a few extra characters at the end of your link 🙂


So finally we get HD, but we have to pay extra for it?! Is it £3 overall, or £3 per pass? That's if this ever becomes available on AppleTV? NowTV just keeps getting less and less attractive.


Also is NowTV not already 5.1? It mentions it here like it's new.


I would love to learn more from their website but their NowBot chat thing hasn't got any info about the Boost feature yet. Nice one.

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It's a flat £3 charge that covers all your passes.




Pricing as per @Anonymous User 


NowTV without the Boost is 720p and Stereo.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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Just in case anyone cares I have a few thoughts.


1. Boost pass worked flawlessly with the NowTV Smart Box (not the 4K one) over the weekend. The difference from the '720p' they were giving us before to the true 1080p they're giving us now was clear as day. What was also clear as day was changing from say the Football or Cricket channel (1080p 25fps) to the Main Event channel. The picture is so much better and smoother with 1080p 50fps. Don't think it's quite as good as BT Sport 1080p 50fps but is far far better than what we had before.


2. Boost pass also worked flawlessly on my parents LG TV. It's a shame the 50fps isn't supported for the Main Event and Premier league channels but no biggie. As others have said a nowtv stick can be had for £15.


3. I'll be trying out the results of the boost pass on the Now TV Smart Stick this evening for Aston Villa vs Newcastle.


I think the benefits that comes from the boost pass are very good, and the extra concurrent stream (3 vs 2) is actually really handy as well.


I'm just waiting now for the Apple TV NowTV app to be updated so I can retire the Smart Stick/relocate it to a different room.


What are others thoughts after having had a few days to play around?


From NOW TV Help on Twitter:
"Hi, more devices will be added but at the minute Apple TV is not supported at the moment. The list of devices at the minute is not the final list :)"
Also when asked what sort of timeframe, the obligatory:
"We'd love to tell you but we don't even have a confirmed ETA as of yet 😕"
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Well, that's chuffing great. Been a Beta app user for Now tv since December last year. They've just pulled support for the beta app, so the only way to carry on with it is with the damned standard awful app on the apple tv. They better have pulled it ready to release the official app, otherwise I want my money back for the month. I'm not prepared to to use the standard app again. Not happening. 

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I like many other people want this on my Apple 4k box, as u just stated they have just pulled the beta app so hopefully that’s a sign. I signed up for the nowtv boost on Saturday for use with a nowtv black box and the difference is so much better. Just a shame the nowtv box can’t do Bluetooth that’s why I prefer the Apple box. 

@Anonymous User I’ve reverted back to using a Roku Streaming Stick+ for the time being. It’s an excellent device, but prefer the Apple tv 4K because of the “Up Next” feature to manage all* of our various streaming queues.


* well, most!

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I've had most of the Roku boxes over the years. Just wish they sort out a decent BT Sport app to go with the rest of the services on there. 

@Anonymous User Yes same here with Roku kit, very impressive. The SS+ seen on sale recently at £29.99 is a bargain, in my opinion. But I’ve “become a bit more optimistic” that it’s not yet game over for the new improved nowtv app on tv 😉

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I've no doubt when the nowtv app for apple is released it will be good. The apple 4k box is already a good upscaler. But this does need to happen soon how the app has not been updated is beyond me. 

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I'll be honest and say, I don't see why there's really any reason to be optimistic yet. For one, the Beta app doesn't follow the guidelines that Apple set out for general release on the apple tv in layout. If you look even at apps like iplayer or Amazon Prime, there's a good reason they are all layed out in a very similar style on the apple tv. Where as the Now TV version stands out like a sore thumb. I can't see that getting passed for release on the App store anytime soon. (but I hope I'm wrong obviously.) 

Good points @Anonymous User however my optimism is based on info recently received so...


I know someone who is working on the update so all I can say is that it's happening 😀 When is something that I don't know...


It's somehow fitting that Now TV finally goes 1080p SDR with 5.1 audio as the completion is across the board (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Apple TV+) in 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos audio.  Rather sums up how behind the times Now TV has always been. 

As for the apparently never to be released app, I was in the beta and it was a rather uninspiring experience. The app is bare bones and whilst still a big improvement over the hopeless current version which has been stinking up the app store for several decades it's still not up to much. 

I'm not fussed in all honesty. With Thrones over I haven't watched Now TV in ages. When my current offer runs out, I suspect that will be when I part company with Now TV for good. 


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Whoever is developing the app to which I’ve been told is sky R&D surely must take responsibility. They have allowed the nowtv app to stay on platforms for 4 years without an update. As I’ve said before they clearly looked after there core buisness and the TV side and ignored the steaming side. As you have said you was a beta tester and judging by the looks of things it doesn’t sound great.  Amazing though how they can bring out Hd boost and increase picture quality but not update an app. 

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I have to say, ive been a user on and off of NowTV for a few years and only recently decided to re-purchase a pass having heard of the (FINALLY!) 1080p and Dolby 5.1 functionality.


I wasnt too surprised that they are charging extra for this but would expect in time for it to be rolled into the main price and be a standard feature.


With regards to the App, I was very surprised to see my original AppleTV app still languishing in its 1.0 years old version.  Having done some research I discovered this was intentional and the app itself hadn't  been updated in years.


All we can deduce from this is unsurprisingly NowTV offers their app on a number of different platforms and without a doubt their own platforms (i.e. the stick and box) will always come first - though the PS4 is a bit random to also include, as is the smart TV apps on Samsung.


My criticism here is that when you have a product such as this, and one of its main attractions being that it is (or should be) available across a whole range of hardware devices to encourage as large as possible user-base, you cannot or shouldn't neglect one platform over another otherwise you get to the situation you have now where certain platforms are vastly inferior to others.


For myself, I succumbed and purchased a new NowTV box and am enjoying the 5.1 and 1080p - but i really dont want yet another box and remote cluttering up the place so I am anxious to be able to use the app on the Apple TV at the earliest opportunity.


It just seems like the AppleTV platform is very far down the list of priorities for the NowTV development team.  What I would say is that when launching a new product such as NowTV Boost, they should have held back or put far more effort into all the platforms they support, and updated all the apps across the board to be compatible with Boost from day 1.  Unless of course they are cynically trying to force people to have no choice but to buy a NowTV box or stick.


Although its still early days I would have expected far more support from launch.


Given that I want to be rid of my new NowTV box as soon as I can, I do wonder though if it took them this long to update the AppleTV app from version 1.0, whether it will just be left to gather dust in the future and any further new functions or updates to the NowTV service will again leave the AppleTV in their wake.


Id like to think that the NowTV development team take the AppleTV app seriously and make an effort to keep it up to date going forward.