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TV App Coming Soon

Watching the Apple keynote this evening where it was announced the universal TV app is coming before the end of the year.

From the brief glimpse of providers it seems ITV and Channel 5 are on board.

Can any news be shared if Now TV content will be added and if we will see an update to the app on the back of this?
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The question is whether old-style pre-tvOS script apps can be integrated in that fashion. I'd be surprised if that's the case.


It probably can’t but they have a fairly solid iOS app that could be ported quickly and integrated. Even if the UI wasn’t any better the universal search and Apple TV app inclusive would be huge.

Another big missing feature is frame rate matching. The Apple TV 4K recently added an option to match the frame rate of the output to that of the content, so 24fps content is output at exactly 24fps. This is something blu-ray players have done for many years, and it makes an enormous difference.  Once you're used to it, there's no going back. 


Of all the apps I use on my Apple TV 4K the only one which doesn't support this feature is... can you guess?

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The Now TV Apple TV app is driving me crazy. Would love support for the TV app and ideally have a full version of the Now TV app with at least my to watch list and recently watched/resume. Seems crazy that the iOS app has everything but the one for Apple TV doesn't. Almost makes me want to cancel my subscription and stick to all the stuff that is intergrated properly.

Scholar 3

Amazon have proved backwards compatibility with the prime app available on the Pre TVOS Apple TV 3

Nothing holding now TV back now...

@Wentey wrote:
Nothing holding now TV back now...

There never was anything holding NOW TV back (except NOW TV themselves)...

Scholar 3

Oh come on now tv please update your app for Apple TV. Do we have to collectively beg?


its ridiculous how many years this has been going on.  

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One more voice to this conversation.... NOW TV (SKY), please update your Apple TV app to work with Siri and Apple’s “TV app”. You are lagging so far behind the competition with your current offering.

You’d get more people subscribing and watching your content if the interface to the service wasn’t so primitive for us Apple TV users.