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TRY THIS if you get random buffering with Skysports NowTV & you use talktalk

So, I have been getting random buffering  & pixelation when watching Sky Sports for ages, just put it down to the volume of people watching the big games & NowTVs servers not being able to cope (My internet speed is fine & I dont have issues with Netflix, Prime etc). I recently fitted a new router & was generally getting occasional loss of internet access (router still thinks its connected but I cant access web pages, streaming stops etc) along with the NowTV problem still occuring so I decided to research. One of the things I came across was a recommendation to change the DNS server addresses in the router settings to point at something other than the talktalks DNS SERVER. I changed my setting to Googles DNS & fixed the occasion internet loss. Its been 2 days now & I have had NO buffering or pixelation with Skysports NowTV.


I’m guessing Talktalk are not the only ISP with rubbish DNS servers so it might be worth a go if you are with a different ISP & get this problem - just google ’change dns server on router’

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from midweek i have been getting buffering on sky sports my internet is all ok .

watching england game today it was ok when watching gp today


I'm getting awful buffering issues on England v Belgium, F1 was fine earlier as well. Have tried both Main Event and Football channel stream. I never get streaming issues. Doing it every few minutes.

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Me too, it's every few seconds now, paid for a weekly pass and really annoyed now! Trying to resolve but not getting very far...

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I had this back today after raising a complaint.


Thanks for contacting NOW TV and letting us know you were facing buffering issues when watching sports.

We apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. We are currently experiencing issues whereby our customers viewing Sky Sports Football with a NOW TV Boosts Pass are experiencing buffering and poor picture quality.

We have escalated this case to our higher team and they will get back to you via email once the issue is fixed.



But my request for confirmation on how much of my spirts pass will be refunded due to an ununsable service was ignored (again..)

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Hi, thanks for this tip, i've changed the DNS router details on the talktalk youview box but no joy, should i go online instead and change the details? Also, i used: 

  • For IPv4: and/or

Thanks 😊