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Sync watching over Apple TV and BT TV app?

Is there a way to sync what you’re watching over different players on different devices. All using same account obviously. 

I have an Apple atV 4 and BT Tv for example and started to watch a series, but it doesn’t sync so have to manually goto episode and time when going between the devices. 

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Sadly here's another thread which is again answered by the phrase..


"the current appleTV app is over 4 years old"


Take heart, theres a lot of discussion on the subject and I think that we are expecting an update to the app this year.


What you describe should be expected behaviour across all of NowTV's "supported" platforms... i.e. you start watching a show/movie on one device, and then can move to another device and pick up where you left off.


However, the current AppleTV app is not fit for purpose and was originally ported from the old pre-siri remote models of the AppleTV hardware.  I recall at the time the NowTV app was advertised as one of the 'launch' content apps in the UK market (we had scant little on what was the brand new TVOS device).. but they missed the launch deadline and we then had to wait a few weeks after the AppleTV was launched and then that app was released to a great deal of disappointment as it was just a carbon copy port of what was available on the older devices... it gave is nothing new at the time.


Sadly, and shockingly, that app was then never updated and has been allowed to languish in its original state for whats coming up to 4.5 years now.


People have been complaining about it for many years (theres a long thread about it here).


So the app that you are currently forced to use is basically not fit for purpose and hasn't been for a long time and is far, far behind the feature set and functionality of the NowTV app on other platforms as Im sure you can already see comparing it to the one on the BT Tv box.


It will improve this year we are told.. we just dont know when.






Thanks, missed that thread as it was more assuming why the Apple TV app was so bad. 

Strangely the iPhone app works fine with the sync. I’m no programmer but I thought Apple made it easier for programmers over all the iOS devices, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS to make 1 app for all. 

Glad it’s coming then, they’ve improved the BT app now as didn’t show even all of the available content, so here’s hoping for the Apple TV all soon. 

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absolutely right.


The iOS NowTV app is bang up to date, and is routinely updated to keep it so.


Its ironic, isnt it... Apple DID make things easier a while ago and they introduced the concept of universal apps that would work on iOS, iPadOS, and TVOS.


You'd have thought that the version that is regularly updated for iOS would indeed be made universal if not at least to minimise the workload of the NowTV development team going forward.


We can only assume that the forthcoming update will finally be a universal app, and then the TVOS experience will be kept up to date from this point forward.


The biggest mystery to us long suffering customers, is that there is ALREADY a universal iOS app available for AppleTV, with full up to date functionality.... but inexplicably this app is NOT available in the UK app store.. however it IS already live in the Irish and Italian app stores.  So, it exists, but for some reason the UK customers cannot use it - the reason for this is baffling but we just wait and see whats coming.




“The biggest mystery to us long suffering customers, is that there is ALREADY a universal iOS app available for AppleTV, with full up to date functionality.... but inexplicably this app is NOT available in the UK app store”


Wow that is baffling then. If it’s been passed in those app stores surely it’s ok for UK one. Is this just recent addition into those stores?


As said universal apps it isn’t too hard to make asking about, so why they can’t is strange. Apple TV is a better platform, than small screen devices so they are doing themselves harm rather than good 


Well last few days been switching between Apple TV NowTV app and the BT app and they do seem to be syncing, for the program I’m watching at moment anyway, Westworld. 

Not sure if it’s just happened, been a while, specific program or what but maybe others can check to. Still not a great app but at least syncing working.