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Subtitles on Samsung Tv

I have recently subscribed to the Now Tv movie pass with the Black Friday deal and reading that subtitles are now available on Samsung Tvs .

I have a Samsung smart Tv (UE 50JU6800) and have got the app working and playing movies but i don't seem to be able to get the subtitles working . During a movie i press the ok button to see the menu FF, info subtitles etc and then click on the speech bubble which brings up a drop down menu which should toggle subtitles on/off but whatever button i press on the remote it doesnt move the box from off to on . I see the purple off box and what i assume is the top of the on box underneath it , so i assumed pressing down would change it but it just takes me back to the previous menu (the other direction buttons dont do anything either).

I have tried on 3 different movies and all state that subtitles are available , so I am hoping that there is a simple answer that someone can help me with.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Subtitles on Samsung Tv

I tried calling them and no-one understood🤦🏽‍♀️

4 hours that I will never get back!!

not quite sure how the NOW TV customer service have nomidea how to resolve this issue.

good luck and if you come to a resolution please let us know


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Re: Subtitles on Samsung Tv

Same problem here with Samsung UE55KS7000.  Spent ages on chat and they gave up in the end.  No ETA for a fix.

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Re: Subtitles on Samsung Tv

Same problem on a UE55KS9000T. Must be a bug in that app. I wonder if anyone from the Samsung app dev team monitors this forum? Should be very easy for them to fix.... 

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