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Subtitles issue on LG tv app

There's literally no way to turn on the subtitles on the LG tv app - yes, I press pause, go to the subtitles bubble underneath and press it, it says "subtitles on" then press Play again, but nothing appears on the screen. That's the case for any of the programmes containing the S icon. However, if I play the same programme on the iPad app, then there are subtitles. So, obviously the issue is with the LG tv app. Very important to mention is that I just started using NOW TV again on my LG; when I was using it few months ago, there was no problem displaying the subtitles wherever available, so apparently this is a new thing. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks! x 

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@Anonymous User 


Hello thanks for raising this to us, this seems to be an on going issue, we will raise this to be looked into for you guys 🙂 

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Thanks @Anonymous User. I chatted today to the Now tv team as well, but we couldn’t resolve the issue. Apparently it has something to do with the app for LG itself, so now they’ve passed the issue to the developers, and I’m waiting for an update from them. Fingers crossed 🤞 

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I seem to have the same problem. I have just bought a new LG TV as my Samsung smart TV was too old to download the NOW TV app. I’ve been trying all evening to get the subtitles to work on a series that I have been only able to watch on my iPad of which I can get subtitles. 
So annoying!
I’ve not tried to use the subtitles on Netflix or Prime yet, so I hope they work. 


Several years ago, the subtitles used to work on my LG TV but not anymore. Can NOW TV find out why?

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I know this doesn't help either of you but this is my lg49uf770v with working subtitles. WebOS version 223-1351. NowTV version 3.0.2. As mine are working it would eliminate a wholesale problem with LG TV's and the app making it a local issue with your TV's and/or their settings.


Incidentally, to get my subtitles working I push down to open the on screen menu, across to the speech bubble and enter, then across to English and enter.


I managed to get them on as well.. in the NOWtv app on my LG Tv


On mine in order to get any kind of menu up I need to hit on remote, then you hit the right arrow to go across to the speech bubble, hit 'ok' on remote and then a little menu with Subtitles OFF and English appears.. go across to English by using the arrow key on TV remote again and hit ok. If toggled on it has a line under it!! NOTE: On mine you can't turn the OFF to ON in any way.. but to turn subtitles OFF you go to select OFF and hit ok, there will be a line under it which means they are off. !!

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Has the lack of subtitles on LG TVs  been resolved yet.  Rather annoying. 


Still no setting to have subtitles on by default. Frustrating.