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Sound on some tv show on now tv

Hi i have just started to use now tv and have found on some show i have to turn my tv volume up above the normal sound level when i do not have to do this on other apps on the tv box 


can i ask what is if any thing is causing this to happen and is there a way round it??


also is there a way to put ur most watched tv shows in a area so u can easy find them


and can i add shows on to a list from the website and they will show on the app on the tv box


i am using now tv more due to talktalk getting rid of the boost side


the app is on a talktalk tv box 


hope u can help with the 2 issues above 


@Anonymous User 


Hi Hosay


You've asked some good tech-type questions and I believe the best way to get the answers you need is to write directly to Now TV, at the following address:

Now TV Customer Services Email.jpg

UK Bob

Anonymous User
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Hi thanks I have done and this is what I got back soft far not impressed

Hi Joe ,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I do understand your concern as you are facing low sound issue on Talk Talk
Box using NOW TV app.

In order to get this sorted, follow the below given troubleshooting steps on
your Talk Talk Box to fix low sound issue :

Step 1 :

Much like switching between WiFi and Mobile Data on our iOS and Android
devices, switching from a wireless connection to a wired connection is the
most stable connection to a router.

Only some of our devices have this ability and sometimes it is not possible
given the distance between a device and the Router in some households.

To change from wireless to a wired connection the customer needs a Ethernet
cable and to plug into their router. That's all they need to do and the
connection should switch automatically.

Step 2 : Power Reset

Performing a Power Reset is one of the oldest tricks in the book and can fix
streaming errors or freezes. It's fairly easy to do but quite often our
customers have already tried this step.

We use it as a way of resetting the box as sometimes it can remove any
changes to the Box that were made in the background that have prevented the
app from working properly. It also stops background downloads and other apps
from using Bandwidth. You can use it for most devices but it is one of our
main steps for YouView.

As mentioned though often customers do this step before even coming to us so
we should ask them if they've already done it first.

A power reset can be performed by following these steps:

1. Sign out of the NOW TV App

2. Power off the box and unplug the power cables and HDMI/Scart Lead from
the YouView Box.

3. Power off the Router for 15 seconds

4. Restart the Router and reattach all the YouView cables and try connecting
to the NOW TV App again.

Step 3 : YouView Box: Maintenance Mode

Entering Maintenance Mode can fix the errors sometimes with YouView Boxes.
There is a lot of different ways to do it dependant on their model number so
we have a link that we can supply them with.

We should warn them that this is absolutely the last step they should take
on the troubleshooting journey.

You can do 2 different things in Maintenance Mode and they are:

Software Reset

Factory Reset, keep recordings

Here is one example of how to enter Maintenance mode.

1.Turn the Power on using the switch found on the back of the set top box. A
red light should appear on the front panel.

2.Press and hold the 'down arrow navigation' on the top of the device for 5
seconds until you see 'Enter Maintenance Mode Y/N (Y:POWER)' prompt. The box
will flash a blue light.

3.Press the power button on top of the box.

4.The box should now enter maintenance mode.

Kindly let us know if the given troubleshooting steps helps to fix low sound
issue on your Talk Talk Box and NOW TV app?

Awaiting for your reply to help you further.

Looking forward to hearing from you ,

The NOW TV Team

Bye for now,

The NOW TV Team

Elite 3

@Anonymous User there are some shows I watch on NowTV that do have a lower volume level. I don't believe it's anything to do with the service but how that show has been supplied to them by the original broadcaster/rights owner. On NowTV boxes you can switch audio modes which can help but I'm not sure if that function is available on talk talk boxes. Maybe speak to talk talk to see if there's a setting that will help.


also is there a way to put ur most watched tv shows in a area so u can easy find them


NowTV have a section called 'MyTV'. If there's a show you like, use the search function to find the show, click ok on the show and it will go to a screen listing all the seasons and episodes. On that screen will be a little button 'add to MyTV', highlight it and click ok. In the image below you can see I've highlighted it on the right (in orange).




You can do exactly the same when logged into the website and all the shows will appear in your 'MyTv' section.

Anonymous User
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Hi ok nowtv say the app is no longer supported on the talktalk box

"The NOW-TV app will no longer work with the white box,Talk Talk box and
some smart TV's. "

Seems they are missing the problem i have raised via email same as on here.

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@Simon-J is the information @Anonymous User has received correct that NowTV isn't supported on talk talk boxes or has someone at the help center got their wires crossed?


Given that talk talk has just switched from its own service to NowTv I'd find it strange if the box doesn't support the app.

Anonymous User
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Thats why i have also posted it on the talktalk community site to ask the
oce staff to check and reply back.

Now tv was a update on the boxs this year I think so....

Also talktalk are asking customer to use nowtv instead of their own boost
as they are stopping it next year.

Also have replied back to the email saying that.

Seems my sound issue is not easy for them to understand.

Also recommend to get a now tv stick instead??!!

Seems something needs more attention to as seems some one has not been
given clear information on it. Or the CHANCE with talktalk......
Elite 3

@Anonymous User no answer from anyone at NowTV but I have noticed that the list of devices that NowTV works with has been updated. Sadly some youview boxes are no longer supported. If you have one of the devices listed in the image below then you will have to switch to another device to continue using NowTV.



If you're paying for NowTV through your talk talk bill, I'd be inclined to contact talk talk and confirm if your box fully supports NowTV and if it doesn't, why they would sell you a service you can't access properly.


Anonymous User
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I Have done and most of youview seems some staff member needs updating as
talktalk is going to use now tv more from now on.