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Sony Bravia A80J Boost sound errors

Hi, I am having an issue with my Bravia A80J when trying to watch NOWTV live channels with boost surround sound.


Whenever my soundbar is connected, I get errors such as 'PL-0' and now it says 'ERROR.PLAYER.ANDROID.UNKNOWN'.


It streams fine when the Soundbar is not connected, or when it is connected and TV Speakers are selected, and it works find with On Demand shows/movies.


It also works fine when casting from my phone.


I have no issues with any other apps - they all play Dolby Vision/Atmos perfectly.


I have tried it with multiple sound bars (Sony and Sonos), as well as resetting routers, uninstalling/reinstalling app etc.


Any help/advice welcome!

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There was a firmware update for the TV today and I’ve tested NOW with Boost 5.1 and it seems to be working. 

Might be worth updating and giving it a go. 

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Great, that worked. This took a while to resolve as I reported it last November!