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“Soap Opera” or cheap video effect on MOVIES - NOW TV only. Why?

Watching movies on NowTV via the stick we get a horrible motion effect that makes films look like cheap video/tv. This used to be common when HD TVs first came out as film is 24fps and your tv isn’t so it adds frames, but no other player on the stick does this...only the NowTV one. Anyone come across this or found a solution? Thanks

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Re: “Soap Opera” or cheap video effect on MOVIES - NOW TV only. Why?

Hi @Slab_Riffjaw

The solution would be to turn off the intelligent frame creation or smooth film post processing in your television picture settings when watching movies.

I would only recommend this picture processing feature when watching sports, and avoid when watching films.

Some TV manufacturers offer better film processing than others which is less noticeable when it comes to the Soap Opera Effect.

If you going to use these picture processing features on your TV for watching movies, then keep it to a minimum.

With my Panasonic TV if i watch any 24fps movies on Netflix, Amazon, Blu Ray or NowTV at 25fps i notice the Soap Opera Effect when my television IFC setting is switched on even at min, therefore i tend to leave it switched off.