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Smart tv usage after September 5

My Samsung tv tells me it will not support Now Tv from September. What Smart tvs will be supported?

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Hi @JlhigginsJuno 

Have a read of this NOW article in the link page below to find out the latest supported devices. 

I would also double check your email inbox or junk mail box about any information about this received from NOW.

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best advice I can give you, or anyone else using Smart TV built-in apps... is don't.

Purely down to Now not having the resources to keep everything up to date on the multitude of platforms out there.

Personally, Id get a firestick and install the Now app on there.  You'll have a platform thats independent of the TV so can be upgraded without having to change your TV, and also a platform that has Now's attention and developer resource to ensure its always got the latest version of the Now app.

There are many platforms out there where the Now app (and others of course like iPlayer) are already old versions with zero prospect of being updated again.

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@nst wrote:


Personally, Id get a firestick and install the Now app on there.  


Until the Firestick is upgraded and outdated and no longer supported, so it goes. Other plug-in devices are available. 

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Obviously.  That goes without saying surely.

Point being that 1.  Amazon Firestick is the current "number 1" device for NOW since they stopped their own ROKU branded hardware.  Amazon have a deal with NOW for content and therefore Amazon hardware is a safe bet for getting the latest app updates.

2.  So what... Firesticks are what... £20-£50 depending what model?... surely my advice is sound given that you can easily replace something like that than changed the whole TV.

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Um, yes, just saying that there are alternatives. And the "number 1" device comment is entirely your subjective point of view. I merely added to what you assumed goes without saying, as appropriate for a fleeting forum visitor.

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