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Sky Sports News on Apple TV

Can anyone clarify this? NowTV advisor I chatted with had no clue.


I have active Movies, Entertainment and Kids passes and understood you could watch Sky Sports News with any of these, without having to buy a Sports Pass.


It works fine on my Samsung TV app, my iPad, iPhone and Now TV Stick but if I try to watch the channel on my Apple TVs (3rd gen and 4th gen), it tells me I need a Sports Pass.


The channel DOES work, as I tried buying a Sports Day pass and SSN worked fine along with all the other sports channels but after the 24hour period, it went back to being blocked.


Any idea why it doesn't allow viewing on Apple TV only with the other passes? I just replaced a now tv stick with an apple tv and gutted I can't watch SSN in that room now.

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Re: Sky Sports News on Apple TV

Hi @gringohero 


I was under the impression you could only watch SSN with a non sky sports pass if you either owned a NowTV branded or Roku device.


Didn't realise that nowtv have relaxed this policy on other devices, where i only use NowTV or Roku devices on my account list.


Sorry i can't help with your ATV SSN question, perhaps somebody from the NowTV Forum Team or another forum member on here can jump in an answer your question ? 




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