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Sky Box Office

How do I get to the sky box office through the app? I don’t have a now box or stick and they don’t seem to sell them anymore.

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Legend 5

Hi @EmmaM

Your options are limited.

I don't know why Sky Sports Box Office doesn't support more devices and must be losing out on potential orders for PPV events.

Though I read Sky Glass had the Sky Sports Box Office App added this week on their platform.

Have a read of the FAQ's on this link page below on ways to watch. 

Legend 5
Legend 5

The Sky Glass bit of information I believe is the Sky Sports Box Office channel via PPV (same has Sky Satellite) and not a physical App via PPV where you don't order from the FAQ website link that I posted above and is done through Sky Glass itself.

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@EmmaM if you have a laptop with an HDMI out port you can connect it to your TV and use the Sky Box Office web player.