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Samsung smart tv app keeps asking to sign in every time i use it?


every time i use the NOW TV app on my Samsung tv, i have to sign in to watch anything.

The only i sign in to elsewhere is on my laptop but i sign out when i'm done so i should only be signed in on the app on my tv.


Can anyone suggest a fix for this as it is becoming very annoying having to sign in every time, especially with the on screen keyboard and my tv remote.


Thank you.

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Anonymous User
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Can anyone help with this issue, its so annoying to the point I am seriously considering cancelling the subscription.  I have emailed the customer service people but get ridiculous automated answers (with bad spelling and grammar).


I open up Now on my tv, click the programme I want to watch and immediately get asked to log in.



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@Anonymous User 

Have you tried to clear the app cache for NOW?


You can also restart your TV and router to see if that helps.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help