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Samsung 2018 smart TV only displays search or tvguide options when selecting any programme

Hi there. Very specific problem on a Samsung 2018 QF9 TV. App opens fine but when I try to login or just select a programme only 2 options pop up on screen -search and TV guide....can’t do anything else. Trying reinstalling, rebooting tv and pretty much everything else. TV is on latest firmware and I have very fast broadband. Can anyone help?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I don't own a Samsung Smart TV, but reading your post it looks like you have done all the stuff i would have tried myself.


One last thing have you tried rebooting your Router even if the other Apps on the television are working.


Hopefully a Samsung Smart TV owner on the forum may have some other ideas or have come across this same problem in the past and they know of a fix.


I would normally point you towards live chat, but their service is closed because of the country lock down in India, where i understand live chat TV pass customers are directed to the India support centre.


Maybe see if Samsung UK help support team can offer you some help ?

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Thanks for coming back. I am using a control 4 system (and a control 4 remote) as part of my setup. I changed back to the Samsung remote and it actually works...strange as no other app has problems with commands coming from the control 4 remote...anyway solved!


I too have the same problem intermittently using the Samsung remote.  V frustrating but eventually....after about 10 seems to work





Unplug the TV from the mains, press the physical on/off button on the set for 30 seconds, and then let the TV sit, still unplugged, for two minutes.


Then plug it back in, power it up, and try it again.


Any improvement?

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