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Roku Streambar - Now Boost

Can anyone with a Roku Streambar tell me if it supports the Now boost?


It's not on the list of devices on the Now website and I've not been able to get a definitive answer elsewhere.

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short answer is probably no.


If its not on their list of supported devices then it isnt supported  - boost support is a sticky subject as its not on all devices and not fully supported on some (appleTV no 5.1 sound for example).


Your best bet surely is to try the free trial of boost and see if it works - im assuming you think it might as other Roku devices have done..  You wont lose anything if it doesnt.

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Hi @Chas89 


Hopefully a Roku Streambar user will confirm accordingly.


I have a sneaky feeling that it does support Boost, otherwise i would have expected somebody on the forum who owns a Roku Streambar would complain and have a moan about it which i haven't seen.


I am guessing you are asking the question because you are considering purchasing a new Roku Streambar and NOW Boost is important for you ?


Should no Roku Streambar owners reply on here, then perhaps send NOW an email if you haven't contacted NOW directly already.


Yes, I already have the boost and I'm considering getting a Roku Streambar.


Sky Sports at 50fps is a deal breaker for me really, not going to bother with a device not capable of doing that.


Hopefully a Streambar owner can confirm for definite.