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Roku Apps on Now TV?



I have a Now TV smart box. 


I've seen an app that is available on Roku devices.


Is there a way to cheese this Roku App onto my Now TV box? (kinda seems silly that I can't as its a Roku device)



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Re: Roku Apps on Now TV?



Sorry to cheese you off, but no, unless you can find that app in the limited store that NowTV provide. (Have you looked there?)


But you might also find it kinda silly that NowTV can provide a Roku device so much more cheaply than Roku can; the answer being that NowTV Roku sticks are deliberately limited in the software they can run so they can be sold cheaper, without cannibalising Roku’s market for its full-fat devices.

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Re: Roku Apps on Now TV?

And that’s why - in my opinion - it’s better to buy the more expensive branded Roku device than the cut price cut down (made by Roku) NOW TV device.


Re: Roku Apps on Now TV?

Agreed @dr_necessitor 

I can't understand why people buy the NowTV devices when they are only a half baked product. Pound for pound they're not worth it compared to a proper Roku device.