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Roku 3 box not playing Fox channel

  • Hi all. Having issue with Roku 3 box running the Now TV app, where the Fox channel just freezes when playing live.
  • It's the only channel that has the problem but catchup runs fine. 
  • I have updated firmware on Roku, deleted and reinstalled the Now TV app. There is also a SD card fitted in unit.
  • Have wired connection to router, currently at 67 mbps. 
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@Anonymous User 

You have pretty much done everything I would suggest. 


Jump onto Live chat to see what Now TV can do, perhaps its a fault with the channel and they are unaware of it.

Click "chat online" underneath 'chat to an advisor'


As a backup you can always send an email.

Now TV Customer Services Email.jpg

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
Anonymous User
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Hi guys..


Finally got it sorted with help from Now TV... 


  • Press these buttons from home screen...
    Home x5 Rewind x3 Fast Forward x2
  • You’ll see a screen with various bitrate options. Just select ‘Automatic’ and try watching your programme again.

@Anonymous User @gavs82008 


Hey Foggy


Just to add to Gavs advice, you may wanna contact Roku support as well, just to see if there's anything gone wrong at their end, although rare stuff happens to them as well.



UK Bob

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Exactly the same problem - same devices too!