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Restart a live sports event?

Hi, I've sometimes seen restart current programe on Now TV.


Does this apply to live events (eg the cricket that's starting on Thursday at an horrendous 4,30 AM)


Thanks in advance

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Re: Restart a live sports event?

Hi @sirchinny 


With a NowTV Sports pass you have to watch the sports events live or if on a repeat Broadcast during the day or week..


NowTV have a Sports Video on Demand service where Cricket is included, but it takes about 24 to 48 hours to be added to the NowTV service and is currently only available on certain devices i.e. smartphones, tablets, PC & Mac.


There is a workaround to watch on other devices by start watching on one of the above devices and then pickup on your Continue  Watching section on your main playback device or use the search feature on the NowTV App on your main device.


i would like to watch a lot of New Zealand Rugby during the early hours of the morning, but it's too early for me and the main problem with catch up afterwards with NowTV Sports VOD is 720p and 25fps with a HD Boost Pass (so picture quality is poor) and the 24 to 48 hours wait 😠😠😠.

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