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Recently updated Now TV is slow

Since NowTV has updated their streaming ap its now very slow to load and respond.

Should be known as 'Now Slow TV'.

Nothing wrong with our broadband or no. of devices. Happened the second the ap updated to its new look.

Very frustrating and will likely lead us to removing the ap and stopping all paid services next month. Same issue with our friends too who are also leaving.

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Re: Recently updated Now TV is slow

@DC1977 what device make and model are you using? What app version/number are you using?



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Re: Recently updated Now TV is slow




Yeah DC


Stuff got slow and clunky since the update.  You know,  you gotta ask why have they rolled out something that's so meh?  Gotta be that their rebranding is more important than retaining their existing customers.


Maybe, just maybe, their future updates will sharpen up on the apps response times, but they'll never tell us.



UK Bob


Re: Recently updated Now TV is slow

I think you need to vote with your wallet. Stop purchasing passes, then see if they fix it.

I'm waiting till seals ends and if it isn't fixed, then I'm off to buying/renting content I want on Google play or iTunes. Seems as though it will work out about the same cost.