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Problems using BBC iPlayer NowTV Smart Box 4631

I cannot watch any BBC programs via the BBC iPlayer app on my NowTV Smart Box 4631. It worked a few weeks ago but now when I go to watch any BBC programs it buffers for a few seconds and then I get the following message:

Something went wrong playing this program.


This is usually a temporary problem. If it continues, here are some things to try:

Check your internet connection.

Change the video quality in settings.


I have checked the internet connection in the settings on the NowTV box and it says the signal strength is Excellent and Internet download speed is 43Mbps.


I have changed the Video Quality to Standard Definition in BBC iPlayer to reduce bandwidth demand.


Even after doing the above still get the same message and cannot watch any catch up or live BBC programs. All the other apps (My5, All4, ITV Hub, Netflix etc) work perfectly.


I have removed the BBC iPlayer app then reset the NowTV box and re-installed the app again but get the same problem.


Any solutions out there as it was all working fine about 2 weeks ago but now no joy and I try everyday just in case it is just a temporary problem but it appears not.

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