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Problem with set top boxes interfering

I have 2 set top boxes (YouView freeview and Humax freesat) which I connect through a powerline link into the WAN socket of the NowTv router. I find I can only run one STB at  time and I suspect it is because the automatic allocation of 192. identity is not separating them. How can I correct this, please?

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Re: Problem with set top boxes interfering



A Powerline link is logically one direct Ethernet cable, which although it can handle multiple devices, needs these to be controlled through an Ethernet switch.


So you would connect the YouView box to one port on the switch, the Freesat box to another port, and the cable to the PLA at this end to a third port. (Switches are clever enough to tell the Ins and the Outs apart, and handle them automatically).


But at the other end, you have a Now router with three ports, a specific one of which, the WAN port, goes to the external connection to Now via your BT Master Socket, and two of which are your internal, LAN ports, and the Ethernet connection  from the PLA at the router end goes into one of these.


(At least, that’s how I use the WAN/LAN terminology, but I don’t think you can be trying to use what I think is the WAN port, or it wouldn’t work at all, so you, or Now, are using the terminology differently from me).


Are you using an Ethernet switch?


If not, how are you connecting two devices to one PLA?


Or are you using two sets of PLAs (which ought to work OK)?

As long as you have DCHP enabled on your router, something that is On by default when you get the router, the two devices should get a (different) IP address each, and ought to be simultaneously operable.


But we need to know how you have it all wired together to know what, if anything, you need to change to get it all set up as above.

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