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Please, please, please can we have the old app back?!

The new NowTV app is terrible on my ROKU Express. Whereas the old app just got on with it the new app seems to fight all the way. It's sluggish and laggy. Sometimes the lag is so bad that you think it's crashed. And it's prone to crashing, but at least it puts up a meaningless message so you can distinguish it from lag! It's even crashed the ROKU box itself. The UI is pretty and modern but the performance is completely broken. I raised these issues during the beta period, so so much for that!


Is there a way of going back to old app?

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@Anonymous User 

Short answer is no. 


Long answer, email customer support to get a detailed reason why it won't happen. Address in below picture.

Now TV customer service.jpeg

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help