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Pause Live TV on Apple TV 4K

Sorry this is a double post (I put it in the Update Apple TV App thread originally)


Is anyone able to pause live TV on Apple TV?


The device is listed as one able to pause live TV but the UI on live streams just shows now and next rather than the transport controls you get on boxsets and other non-live content?



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I’m just instead watching Now on anyone of about seven devices that do give me the full Monty.


But that’s the point really - not how much you pay as that is a flat fee and should be given the complexity of any other approach - but parity of functionality, especially given the Apple TV is on par or more powerful than any other box Now is available on…


It is clear Sky’s offering is not competitive with other services in terms of image or sound quality (4K, Atmos, Dolby Vision etc) and fails to offer full functionality across all platforms, which other services do on any platform. This lumpiness of some features on some platforms is just further evidence of their protection of their main platform SKY TV.


The point of me starting this thread however was not to debate these points but find out why Now advertise a feature SPECIFICALLY as working on the AppleTV yet that does not work.

TBH if you really want the the Full Monty best get a Sky Glass TV - lol 😂 




@Anonymous User 


I agree with everything you've said.

I dont agree with some of Roys 'apologist' views on it but I mean that in a nice way.


Now provide a service and that service has a set fee.  For that fee you should get the same functionality regardless of your platform.  You shouldn't be forced to buy another platform to get your full experience.  If you have to do that then why half support another platform in the first place.


Now will always be the distant poor cousin and is probably seen as a gateway service to entice more users onto SkyQ and now Sky Glass.


Be careful what you wish for... Sky Glass has launched riddled with bugs.  There are a lot of complaints.


And, as we Apple users know.. the AppleTV TV app IS Sky Glass - we've had this function for free for a long time and doesn't cost us.  A shame that Netflix doesn't integrate but as its the only streaming service that doesn't we can ignore it for now - they obviously have an agreement with Sky for Sky Glass integration though.

If I didnt have the TV app i can see Sky Glass being attractive apart from the high monthly cost and the need to have their own TV.  They have the ability to provide the service without the TV via the puck and when they realise that a lot of potential customers have already invested in a far superior TV and a far superior sound system and DO NOT want a new TV.. they will provide the puck as a stand alone im sure.


Anyway.. now and forever the NOW service is the bottom of the heap and you get what you pay for - just a shame that its way pricier than other services that manage a way superior service.  This will bite them in the bum sometime im certain.



@Anonymous User 


The mistaken information is under investigation, though the correction, for the moment at least, is more likely to be the withdrawal of the claim that you can Pause, rather than the provision of the facility.


Now on AppleTV has had an absurdly long gestation, and I have no idea why exactly, except to point out that Apple controls its platforms more rigidly than pretty much anyone else, and maybe that has put obstacles in Now’s way.


I have never wanted a Sky subscription, but I have wanted to watch some Sky programmes, for which Now provides the perfect answer.


I do agree, though, that Sky are likely walking a tightrope between picking up people like me and cannibalising their existing subscribers, and so will try to take care that Now isn’t so attractive that it does the latter.


As for Sky Glass, it’s an interesting concept, but is really just putting (some of) a Sky box inside a TV - still too close to Sky as was for me 😛

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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Legend 5

@Anonymous User 

As you pointed out that you orgiginally post this in the mammoth thread already, it will be the best place for it. 

Like minded Apple TV device users will see and be able to help out.


As for a reply from NOW staff, it is highly unlikely as this is a customer forum and only other customers like me and you will reply. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help