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Panasonic TV App Development

Any Now TV developers please answer!


Is an app being developed for Panasonic smart TV's?


If so when will Now TV become available as an app for Panasonic smart TV's?


I have a playstation running now tv however it noisy is not ideal as I would much prefer it to be on the TV with the TV remote!


All other streaming services available on Panasonic App (amazon, netflix, ITV, BBC etc) store however it seems very odd that NowTV is not.


Is this because Now TV is a small uk franchise of Sky without sufficient resources for app development?


Please Now TV customer support answer my questions,

Thanks in anticipation... 😏




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I would be very surprised if NowTV expanded to another platform they need to get all there current platforms up to the same standard first as a priority i imagine as it has become very fragmented. Though i would expect if any platform was next it would be Android TV over Panasonic TV. 


@Anonymous User 

I would echo what @Anonymous User has said.


The problem is that there are only so many different platforms a company can effectively develop for AND keep those platforms updated.  I think NowTV have spread themselves far too thinly as it is, and they certainly dont seem to have the development capacity that Netflix do.


I totally understand where you are coming from about wanting to use the in-built apps on a smart TV - on paper this is the ideal solution but as you can see, there are gaps in support (NowTV being one of them).


Other platforms that NowTV "officially" support are finding problems when things stop working or functionality is left in the dust as they concentrate their development effort on other platforms.


My personal recommendation is to choose a set top box that you like, and make that your streaming platform - granted its another HDMI port used on your TV, and another channel to switch to - but in the long term you can keep up to date with technology by replacing the set top box rather than buying a new TV when the developers end up ceasing support for it.

If you are interested, my personal recommendation is the AppleTV 4K box - not the cheapest but the best experience in my opinion (ONCE THE UPDATED NOWTV APP IS RELEASED!!).

Cheaper options are the Roku box, or cheaper still the NowTV stick.  Apple and Roku are the only solutions that provide access to ALL the UK streaming services, and NowTV stick is all apart from Amazon Prime (if thats important to you).


As it stands, I dont think you'll be getting an app for the Panasonic at all.



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I have Apple TV latest generation streaming boxes. Whilst all other apps run seamlessly, NOW does not. On an almost daily level the app freezes and will not run until it is deleted and reinstalled. This necessitates the used having to log in with password to access NOW content, which is frustrating. 

This is an issue NOW have been aware of for months but to date have not offered an update to solve the issue. Poor. 









You said:-

Apple and Roku are the only solutions that provide access to ALL the UK streaming services, and NowTV stick is all apart from Amazon Prime (if thats important to you).


Absent a typo, what UK streaming service(s) is/are the Amazon Firestick missing?


And of course, the NowTV stick is no more, though I am sure there are plenty still knocking about.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.