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NowTV app has suddenly stopped working. Permanent loading circles

NowTV has been working solid for years across all the services I have (Movies, Sport and Entertainment) however it has suddenly stopped working, typically as I only have a few episodes of a series left!


All loads up as normal but when I pick something to watch it just sits on the blue screen with the circles spiralling around one another. Doesn't matter if it is streaming content or live. Same thing always happens.


I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Issue persists. 

I'm able to connect just fine on my other devices even when on the same network so I know it's not a connection issue.


Any ideas? 



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Re: NowTV app has suddenly stopped working. Permanent loading circles

Hi @JunglistE 


See if you switch the power temporarily off to your Router and your NowTV playback device.


Then start the Router first, give it say 5 minutes to settle down then restart your NowTV playback device.


If your NowTV playback device is over hard wire Ethernet, then temporary disconnect the Ethernet cable on your device and Router and then reconnect to see if it fixes it.


Worth a try if you are getting the spinning coloured circle loading screen.

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Re: NowTV app has suddenly stopped working. Permanent loading circles

I have exactly the same issue, had Samsung remote technical support try and sort it out and tried resetting , deleting apps, re-installing etc, then guy said can't do anything else must be NOWTV app which is faulty and NOWTV need to release update ! Have you had any luck getting it working ? My TV is Samsung UE60JU6900 . Am convinced fault is with the NOWTV app , date on TV Hub app page ( where you can download apps , delete, search) says  Updated 05/03/2019. But actual NowTV app says 4.5.20 in corner of it ?

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