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NowTV app freezing on LG TV

For the past 2 weeks the NowTV app has been freezing when trying to watch shows. It freezes when you first go in, usually within a second or two. The only way to get it to work is come back out with the back button, then go in again and wait for the freeze, then press rewind, and wait for a black screen, then press rewind again, then it starts playing. Also, if you pause later then forget it. You have to kill the app and start again.

I know it’s not the internet connection as amazon and Netflix work perfectly. It was working fine until a couple of weeks ago. Also it works fine on the NowTV box I have.

Anyone else getting issues? I’ve tried removing the app and re-installing.

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I start a movie, it loads, stalls, black screen then 20 seconds later plays an advert (I subscribe to movies and entertainment) so watching junk adverts only to crash my tv app.

Netflix is getting more and more use. Although the end credits of a movie are spoilt, it’s a better experience.

So after various exchanges with customer support resetting everything in sight they’ve given up and sent me a smart stick to use instead!

However in the meantime I’ve figured out the sequence to get around the issues.

For freezing at the start, start the program, when it freezes press back then start it again. When it freezes again with a black screen, press rewind twice, then it will start playing.

If you get a freeze after pausing then there’s no recovery. Kill the app by starting something else like amazon, then go back in to NowTV.



My now tv keeps freezing it’s ridiculous can’t watch it like this 

Elite 3

@Ella18 have a read through the linked thread. I put some suggestions which has helped in some scenarios.