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NowTV App Availabilty on Samsung TV



I recently got the NowTV package thinking I could watch it through my Samsung Smart TV (UE55HU8200TXXU), now found out that its not available on this model. 


Really frustrating as you can get many other apps, netflix, amazon etc all readily available. 


I understand there are different OS versions and so different app versions are needed, but as a software developer myself, it is not diffcult to modfiy apps to work with different versions of the same OS.  Its 2017, this should not be an issue.


Will the app be made available on this model? If so when?



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It looks as if this is a common problem, I have found that my Samsung Smart TV (UE75H6400) is not supported either. I am to say the least extremely annoyed and unhappy about this as I have taken a 12 month subscription out for my husband's Christmas present, which will be completely usless.    I can empathise with the frustration KP83 is feeling and would also like to know if/when the app will be made available for my model of Smart TV?