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Now tv not working In your country?

I have a now tv box and had no issues i mainly use it for kids channels. I turned it on yesterday and every programme i click on it says now tv is not available in this country please check roaming on now tv website? Any ideas how i get it back im in UK!! Thank you 

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User Welcome to the community. Shouldn't be happening - have you tried rebooting your broadband router and NOW TV box? If the same thing happens after that then check that no-one else in the household has made changes to the Internet connection to make it look as if you are not in the UK (eg using a router VPN or changing proxy server settings, possibly for work reasons or to watch eg Netflix USA). If they have those changes will need to be reversed.

If that doesn't apply then try turning the broadband router off for around 15 minutes to force a new IP allocation.

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It won’t work if you are using VPN