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Now tv app not working on Apple TV 2nd Gen

Hopefully someone can help here.


Now tv app on Apple TV 2nd generation - not signing in!  

Comes up as:- Login failed, unable to login at this time.


Yes it’s definitely the right login details and NOT my Apple login I’m using.  

I can log in on other devices and tv, just not working on Apple TV.  I definitely have a slot available for another device, and I haven’t made more changes than I’m aloud within the calander month (6 devices allowed, 3 changes allowed).


I was waiting on tech team getting back to me, but with the lockdown, seems unlikely and I can’t call them back as they are only dealing with urgent calls right now.


anybody?? Please?? 

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So, after scouring the Nowtv website, I can see that only Appletv 3rd generation onward is supported - why tech team didn’t know this and tell me when I first phoned beats me.  So Nowtv app on Appletv 2nd generation is now no use.


In addition, for anyone else’s information, I purchased an apple hdmi adapter for my iphone/ipad to connect via tv and use the nowtv app through those devices - no joy. Again, after some digging, discovered that Nowtv removed this capability a while ago.  So only option now is to buy a brand new compatible device if I want to view on this particular tv.  Such a p**s take.

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