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Now on Apple Tv app

I can now access NOW through the apple tv app on my iphone, not NOT on the apple tv app on my google TV! 


Hopefully this will be sorted soon! 

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Sorry, hate to break it to you but that’s just not how it works.


Ill paste this reply I already gave in the main thread:





The AppleTV app that Apple released for non-apple hardware (fire stick, etc etc etc) isn’t supposed to give the same experience you get on the AppleTV set top box.


It’s just an app to access your AppleTV+ content, and any iTunes movies and TV shows you own - that’s all.  It’s incapable of interfacing with the other apps that may or may not be present on that 3rd party platform and start to aggregate their content as it does on the AppleTV.


Want the full AppleTV TV app experience as you get on the AppleTV?  Well you have to get an appleTV for that 🙂