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Now Tv Update?

Would love to hear people opinions on the following? And a response from Now TV?

How about...

Dedicated Android TV app
1080P Minimum UHD Max Resolution Support
Dolby Digital Surround or Plus Support

I would happily pay an extra couple of pounds per pass or along those lines for the extra support...

Please!!! Every provider does the above. I really want done with multiple devices to Wath different things. I have android tv and it has everything except now tv...I have that via chromecast but will not be keeping that, meaning I lose out and Now Tv loses out! Come on, please!!! 😄
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Legend 5

@Anonymous User


I'm with you completely on 5.1 and 1080p, unfortunately there's been no indication from NOW TV  that either are on the cards for the foreseeable future. You can draw your own reasons for why (many on the forum, including myself, have speculated) and there's a fairly long and ongoing thread on it here if you are interested (with a few responses from NOW TV staff)


and if you haven't already I'd encourage you to vote and/or leave a comment on the Ideas Board entries here