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Now TV no longer works on my LG tv and I can't access account on PC

Hi, I have been a customer of NowTV for several years and previously lived in the UK. I moved to Ireland a year ago but kept my TV settings as UK and continued to pay for and use NowTV. Until recently there was no NowTv in Ireland so that was the only way to keep it. I had an email recently saying that I could now avail of a free NowTv box but obviously as I no longer live in the UK I couldn't accept this freebie.

NowTV has now rolled out in Ireland. It's more expensive. I pay £9.99 for movies and £6.99 for entertainment which equates to just under 20 euro however here for the two packages it is a full 10 euro more expensive. Since it has rolled out my tv has started to experience issues. Every thing I try to play comes up with an error message. Because of this I went online to cancel my subscriptions and I can't access my passes it continually says Oops something has gone wrong. This means I have now paid for 2 months NowTV that I didn't get to watch. The help service is a nightmare.

I decided to bite the bullet and make a new account in Ireland. However the english NowTV app on the LG tv doesn't accept Irish users. So I change the region of my Tv to Ireland and LG don't have the app for Irish users so I am still paying for a service I can't watch unless glued to my PC. I have been a loyal customer for years and can't believe how poor the service and solutions are now.

It looks like I will end up having to buy a NowTV box (which I would have recieved for free in the UK) and pay 50% extra so it now becomes a massive cost.

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Re: Now TV no longer works on my LG tv and I can't access account on PC

@Jempots88 so you breached terms and accessed outside of UK now have the cheek to moan. Tough luck buddy!

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