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Now TV app disappeared from TCL 43C720K

I have Now TV account and this worked perfectly from May 2022 but the App has suddenly disappeared from my TV. I have done a factory reset and completed a system update to no avail. I cannot find the App to reinstall it.

Does any one know what has happened and how I can reinstall the App?

Thank you

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Have never used that TV, so can't comment on personal experience. Does it require you to log in with an account on the TV?

As I know my Sony TV requires a Gmail account. 

If so is your email account still showing UK?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Finnoman 

See if powering down your Router for 20 minutes helps.

If you have Mobile internet data see if trying to hotspot your phone and TV has a quick test if the NOW App reappears.

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have any other apps vanished from your TV?

 One of the issues with smart TVs is that apps and services can often vanish as the manufacturer withdrws support, slowly turning your TV into a standard "dumb" tv.

 All is not lost tough, as  instead of getting rid of a perfectly good TV for a rellativly low price you can get a sreaming device such as a fire TV, or a Roku, however i would avooid the entry level cheapest models and go for at least the next model up