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Now TV HD Boost for non live TV

I am looking at moving from Sky To Now TV Entertainment as Sky want another 20% at my renewla next month!

I would want the HD Boost as I absolutely wouldnt wnat to watch just SD quality TV

Looking at the Now web site it suggests that I would only get Entertainment in HD if I watched a show live.  But if I watched the show by streaming as a catch up,  it would not be in HD.  Is this correct as if it is its a showstopper and I may have to look at going the BT TV route, as their set top box does allow for HD recording of NOW TV


Can I give you a little bit of advice..?

Ive gone on record many many times here about Boost... but in the context of the AppleTV app.

I paid for boost for well over a year waiting, and waiting for AppleTV to fully support it.  In my case all I was getting was 1080p apparently... but NOT 5.1 surround sound.

I, like you, came from another Sky service before saving myself a small fortune ditching SkyQ and using Now instead.  I too, like you, thought that I would not, under any circumstances, go back to "SD" TV.

Now... here's the rub.  I cancelled my Sky Cinema Pass.  I cancelled my Boost pass out of principle that they charge for not supplying 5.1 on the AppleTV (I felt that £5 a month was pushing their luck anyway but thats another story...). I retained the entertainment pass as I watch a decent amount of content.


My TV is a decent 65" 4K OLED.  Like all 4K TVs it upscales SD content.  My sound system is a SONOS arc with sub and rear surrounds.....  It does a decent job of making a 2.0 sound signal appear more surround-y than it is....

AND..... im being 100% honest with you - ive not noticed ANY difference from when I had boost.  certainly not from the Picture Quality perspective.  Sure, the 5.1 isn't 5.1 but I wasnt getting that anyway from the AppleTV TV app.  I can assure you that you will not, at any point, feel you are watching "SD" content without the boost pass.

My advice to you is this:  Move to Now... you are totally correct... BUT,  before you try the boost free trial (which is very enticing).. STOP.. and see what you think of the SD content (OK its dependant on your TV..) - then try the boost pass - if you feel it makes a difference then go for it... but if not and you cant tell the difference as I cant... you are saving yourself even more money.

Oh and yes, catchup is always HD/5.1 on most things just as movies is.... to answer your question.

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Thanks for such a comprehensive reply.  I am much obliged.

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Thanks to everyone who has replied.  I will as suggested take advantage of a free trial to determine if the Standard or Boost option fits me best.


Thanks again