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Now TV Crashing on Youview DTRT2100 since update



Ever since the recent Now TV update where you can access entertainment channels my now tv app on my bt youview humax box keeps crashing. It’s almost impossible to watch a film. Usually the following happens:


spinning icons

box says something went wrong

whole box won’t connect to internet for 5 minutes

eventually recovers but happens over again


has anyone else had the same problem? I’m going to have to cancel as it’s almost impossible to use.


just to clarify it’s not my internet. I never have any issues with Netflix. Prime or any other apps but happens every tome I use the now tv app.



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I was initially really pleased after years of waiting to see that the NOW TV app had been updated on the You View platform and that it was now possible to access all content via the app, not just movies.


However, after trying to watch a few programmes, I have exactly the same problem/issue as listed below by @Anonymous User , where the streaming content buffers, hangs and then falls over. 


  • My box is a DTR-T2100 (BT version)
  • Plusnet fibre broad band 60+mbs
  • All other streaming services run fine from the YouView box (when I've previously subscribed to Prime / Netflix ).
  • However, sometimes the BBC iplayer also used to fall over. (But not recently to be fair).
  • I have Plusnet TV including HD options which also works fine.
  • My other NOW TV devices all run fine over my WF-FI set up.
  • I can see the option for HD boost etc in on the NOW TV You View app. (I was tempted to take this but currently glad I didn't).

I'm not an IT or software expert, but my thinking is the NOW TV app has as issue running on this version of the You View box or it is missing a vital BTTV update / patch (that BT users are getting), but that Plusnet aren't pushing out, because technically I guess they don't support the NOW TV app.


If would be great to have all of my TV accessible from one box, but until this issue is addressed, I can't see it happening.


Anyone from NOW TV willing to offer any advice or have an opinion on this issue...?




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Just to update my own previous post.


When I've just logged into to my NOW TV account, there is a section relating to which devices will run NOW TV and those which are no longer supported.


As far as I can tell, the You View DTR T2100 box that I have is still supported for the NOW TV app.


Which is good in one way, but not so much as in that it didn't run correctly last time I tried it.


I will swap a device over and give it another chance, just in case there has been an update to the APP.


I will post back shortly with an update.

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Hello @Anonymous User,


I know it was a while ago now but I've been experiencing exactly what you describe, (with Now TV only) for at least 4 months, including more YVM102 and YVM104's than I can count. I've unplugged/re-plugged everything, numerous times. Worst episode was yesterday; while watching golf on Sky Sports I must have had to hard re-boot the YV+ box at least four times in about three hours. Not good enough. I have the DTRT2120, and I know broadband is not the issue as I have a blu-ray player connected to the ethernet hub and it works correctly, as does a Roku 2 I used to test the broadband connection. Really p*ss*d-off; did you get any resolution?

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I've never received a response NOW TV (but to be fair I wasn't really expecting one, but it would have been nice).


I did continue to use my You View box to watch NOW TV and sometimes it worked perfectly for hours, other times it fell over after about 5 minutes, there was no rhyme or reason as to what causes it to crash, in my opinion.

The other thing that really  annoys me though about the YV box is that it is sooooooo slow to react, when changing channels or searching for content.


So recently, I have gone back to using my NOW TV smart stick as it works flawlessly and at speed.


I did think about getting hold of another DTR box (the newer version as supplied by BT for ultra 4K etc) to see if that was any better, but thought it a wiser choice to save the money and put it towards a new smart TV.


Sorry, I don't have a better answer or a fix for you.





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We have just received the 4K YouView box and it hangs as described by the previous posts. Seems the App is just short of world class. I have a Samsung TV in the kitchen and the Now TV app works perfectly on that. It also worked well on the Apple TV and the Roku stick, seems we’ll have to move back to the Apple TV. A real shame as it’s just easier to have the Apps all in on one system rather than switch to different kit and various remotes. My Panasonic TV doesn’t have NowTV as an App either.

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@Anonymous User @Anonymous User @Anonymous User @Anonymous User 

I don't use YouView boxes to watch Now TV, but did find this, might help...might not.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help