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Now TV Boost In Ireland



Will Boost be being brought to ROI in time for the new season? It’s something I’d be looking to add.


I’m not sure why it hasn’t been added already given it’s been in the UK for over a year.



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Re: Now TV Boost In Ireland

Hi @LR1 


From what i have heard, it's happening very soon, though i wasn't given a firm date when i asked the same question so can't say it will be before the start of the Premier League season or not.


Unfortunately i can't name my source where the information came from.


No idea why it's taken NOW so long to get NOW Boost rolled out to Republic of Ireland customers.


Re: Now TV Boost In Ireland

Hi @schnapps 


Thanks so much for your reply - I really hope that’s true as I’ve been holding out for it for ages now! Hopefully it’ll come to the Sports Extra pack as well.


Fingers crossed they’ll finally sort out the guide and put the BT Sport channels in the right orders as well as currently it goes 1,3 then 2! It’s a big bug bear of mine!!