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Not showing full screen

Whenever I try to play something it only shows in the top left of the screen with black borders on the right and bottom taking up 1/2 to 1/3 of the screen.


Using the NowTV app on a LG 42LB650V.

software version 03.23.24 (latest version available)

NowTV app version 4.2.5 (latest version available)

I've reset the TV to factory settings and re-installed the app

It's connected with a wired connection to Virgin fibre broadband


The BBC iPlayer app works fine in full screen.

When on the Nowtv homepage to select what to watch it's full screen and when the 4 dots are spinning loading the program, but then changes to small screen when the program starts.

Changing the apect ratio in the TV settings (only available on the nowtv menu screen, it's diabled during playback) doesn't have any affect

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