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No watchlist, seriously?

I’m unaware of any streaming app that lacks a watchlist, but NowTV. Why on Earth is this the case? I have a new AppleTV 4K and thought maybe the app would be different from the 3rd gen one, but it’s exactly the same.


Please fix this as I’m tired of having to search for my shows over and over again!


I made a list from the website, but that does me no good on the app!

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There is a new beta app for now tv being trialled just now,that's all I can say just now, but watch this space.


Six months later. Any idea when it’s coming?

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Unless there is another build of the nowtv app on apple tv, the trial is due to end next month, so hopefully not to long to wait?

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we feel your pain.. but honestly theres a number of AppleTV threads in here, and your question like all the others is currently answered by the phrase:


"the existing app on the AppleTV is over 4 years old and hasn't been updated"


Theres a ton of functionality missing and its just, plain, rubbish.


Why is it so bad? why have NowTV left the AppleTV so abandoned for the last 4 years?  Who knows.


Currently.. if you are intending to use NowTV on your apple TV I would strongly advise against it.. but then you are realising that for yourself right now!


Honestly, theres a lot of great opinion in other threads....


But as another user has just pointed out to you.. there is light at the end of the tunnel - we just dont know when the new version will be made available.