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No picture on Amazon fire device

I have always used the amazon fire device with no problem. Now I am getting just a green screen so no picture & streaming quality 128. I’ve deleted the now tv app & reloaded but still the same issue. It happens whether wireless or Ethernet, I’ve restarted the router also

my other amazon fire stick works fine. Any ideas please?

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Legend 5

Hi @Njm 

It's a known issue which NOW are aware of and in the process of fixing.

Here's one thread example below on the subject.

My Amazon Fire Stick 4K is running fine, but other Fire Stick / Fire Box owners are encountering it. 


Thanks Schnapps.


when I entered the fault it said I was the first to report it so in some ways reassuring I’m not the only one.

I do think that Now could have some information for customers. All the rebooting etc was a waste of time. Would be nice if Now can give an update & let us know if the problem is Amazon or now related etc.

once again, thanks schnapps. Much appreciated