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New app updates consume eligible devices

Upgrading from the "NowTV" app to the "Now" app consumes devices from the device limit.


I have upgraded the apps across my devices - each time this counts as a new install and does not perform an application update, thus I have each time had to remove the old device in the Now portal, and then log in with the new app. As I have more than three devices, this means I am now stuck with updating the new app on the fourth device.


This appears to be very poor planning and surely I'm not the only person experiencing this. While the proper chat service is unavailable, I can't find a way to connect to Now to resolve this aside from having to wait until April to update the rest. 


With six devices, and three updates to devices permissible per month, surely Now/ Sky doesn't seriously expect to make customers wait over two months to update their apps? 


Why hasn't Now/ Sky developed these properly as in-place updates respecting the current credentials and device IDs in the portal?


It's a very poor customer experience. My son now can't watch today's F1 in his room (which is important due to his needs).


BTW, your labels for tagging posts don't include FireTV. Surely you need to update these too!


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Hi @Basil70 


When updating a new NOW App or if there is a newer OS firmware updated on certain devices does seem to confuse the NOW registered device list software on people's accounts.


Until NOW can fix this confusion, then the only way is to jump over to NOW live chat and explain to them what's happened and they should be able to reset your device list to zero, then just watch some NOW content on the six devices you want tor re-register again.


I know it's a bit of a faff, but this is the only option if you want to watch on any devices that will not run because of any updates or wait until the 1st of March where you get three extra device swaps per a calendar month.


Here's the link to NOW live chat (click the green chat online button from the link page below).