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New Supported Device Sony TV

It appears Sony TVs have become supported via NowTV now with full NowTV Boost Support including 50FPS. This is nice to see a future expansion of supported devices and this was the next big one. 

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If you have boost you need to scroll down to the bottom in the app where some settings are.  Go to MyAccount, and go into Boost Settings to select 5.1 surround sound


Yes - this was a really nice surprise to find in the Google App store yesterday!


Runs fast and smooth on my Sony Bravia with Google TV 8. 1080p/50 with 5.1 sound with Boost and, most importantly, eliminates the problem I had with my Youview box app (sound dropouts which are a widespread problem on that device).


The Bravia does have Chromecast but did suffer a dropped frame judder when using that method. The native Android TV app however is as smooth as silk!

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Just wanna ask people what is the stream quality for 1080p 50fps, I have the Ag8 but my stream quality is always 192. Plus does anyone have the brake down of the stream quality?