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New Roku App

I've just loaded up the NowTV (sorry 'now' Roku app) and it's changed to that God awful design the PlayStation app has had for a while. Here's some feedback on it.


It sucks! For some bizarre reason whoever designed it took all the many many bad bits of the PlayStation app and decided to make them even worse.


Please, please for the sake of all things digital, put it back to the simple way it was before. You know the layout where you could actually sort of find stuff? The one that was relatively speedy compared to this one? (Even on the latest 4k Roku this is snails pace) The one that kind of worked the way you expected it to? The old app had its issues, but this thing is just pants.


It's not just a case of getting used to it like when Facebook changes. I've tried that - it was rubbish when it launched on the PlayStation a year or so ago, it's stayed rubbish all that time and continues to be rubbish now.

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Legend 5


This is a customer forum. So all your feedback will simply go unnoticed.


For you to let NOW know of how you feel about the rebranded app you’ll be best to send customer support an email. Address is in the below picture.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help