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New 4k Apply TV app is a joke & Where is the promised Autoplay Next Episode?

The new NOW TV app on 4k Apple TV is a big disappointment and doesn't work properly.


The menu system is annoying and the selected thumb always stays on the left instead of the middle so if you move down it moves to the category thumb on the left not the thumb below, like its always stuck on the left. The only time it moves right is when you reach the end of the list.


Sometimes it moves two rows at once when scrolling up and down.


Its also annoying that on the playback screen you cant click and then swipe the pad to seek through the show LIKE EVERY OTHER APP. You have to navigate to the transport function buttons and then it will go too far because of the time it takes to go back to the play button.


Also where is the promised autoplay next episode feature? 


This is just the stuff I found after using it for just a few mins. I cant believe this is a brand new app and it lacks basic finesse that competitors have managed to get right very early on. And we had to wait an eternity for this new app.


And while I'm having a whinge - the stupid 6 device limit is really annoying - theres 4 of us in the house and we each have tables, phones and laptops, that's 12 devices, plus TVs in each room that's another 5. ITS VERY ANNOYING especially when your competitors do not have this highly inconvenient restriction. They simple have a limit on simultaneous streams which works just fine.


Not happy. Using NOW TV is an endless frustration.

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Oh i completely agree i have abandoned the AppleTV system for the NowTV app and will be using the Firestick 4K i picked up it is a lovely designed app and it actually is built for the remote who would of guessed you should do that lol.  I expect that the Firestick app might even get integrated into alexa search. Primevideo is going be integrated into Sky Q search expect Amazon expect the same from Sky on there Firesticks


Thanks for the info about Fire TV device app. I'd switch but Ive invested in Apple TV's due to sole availability of another app we wanted.





Although there's another thread you could have used and no need to create another just for your rant......


We all agree with you.  What was delivered for AppleTV is rubbish, and nowhere near as good as the fire stick version which appeared 1 week later without the huge waste of time that was the 8 month beta test where they basically ignored all the feedback.  As a beta tester im still sore on that subject having wasted a lot of time for nothing.


However you are wrong in some respects especially the main point of your thread.


The new app, for all its faults, does actually include the standard 'MyTV' and 'continue watching' functionality.  Im not sure how or why you've missed that as its pretty clearly there.


Arguably NowTV's myTV and continue watching don't function brilliantly at the best of times... the implementation in the new AppleTV app is there, and no better or worse than that found in all the other NowTV apps on different platforms.



Anyway here's hoping what we have is version 1.0 and it will get some badly needed updates soon... though im not holding my breath.


@nst I tried playback from the Continue Watching list and it doesn't work.


At the end of the episode you see a popup with Next Episode options Maybe Later & Watch Now. So you still have to grab the remote and click Watch Now. This is not Autoplay Next Episode.